One of the things that makes my life much easier is that my husband is just as interested and focused about finances as I am. He is always searching to get the best deals on things we want to buy, looks at the offers in the supermarkets for me and generally is another frugal person. I think we work well as a team because we both have similar views about life and finances, which is really important when running a successful household.


3 reasons why working as a team is important:

1) No unexpected big spends – neither of us is likely to make particularly big purchases, or go into town and spend lots in one go, as we both are not like that. But, if we were going to buy something big, we’d talk about it first, look around for the best deal and buy it together.

2) No financial “leaks” will appear in the budget – Β this links to number 1, because there aren’t any little spends here and there that add up – those coffees in the mornings, lunch out 2 or 3 times a week or a magazine or two a month soon add up to quite a lot each month. Me and my husband are very good at not spending during the week (which helps our NSDs aims) so those little miscellaneous spends are quite low for us. This helps with budgeting because we’re working as a team.

3) People know their roles within the team – me and my husband have various jobs around the house that we know will be covered by the other person. For example, I do the meal planning in our house and the food shopping, because I enjoy it and I’m also the more confident cook. My husband does more of the gardening than I do, mainly because I don’t particularly enjoy it! Because we both know our roles and are happy with them, our household ticks along nicely, without too many hiccups.


One of my aims in life is to have a happy household that is successful in terms of ticking along without too many stresses. I think this can only happen when the members of the household work as a team and share the responsibilities.


Do you agree? Do you have any tips about home life? I’d love to hear from you!


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