There is a lot in the media at the moment about simplifying your lifestyle, decluttering and minimalism. I think it’s an attempt to make the chaos of everyday life seem more manageable, though it has seemed to be more of a buzz word as of late.


But, what is simple living?


Simple living, for me, is the act of purposefully living with intent, including what you bring into your home. It means embracing a slower pace of life, if possible. More so, it means knowing what your own purpose in life is, within reason. As in, which direction your life is going in (or perhaps you want it to go in?). I think it’s also a sign that you have managed to resist materialist temptations, because they don’t bring you joy over time.


Living simply means you tend to enjoy the moments more, rather than rushing around as we tend to do. Enjoying the moment and savouring the little things mean that simple living often means leading a happier and healthier life. Because once you get things under control and more manageable, this can be a knock on effect!


Simple living is definitely an ongoing process. It’s not always particularly straight forward and can be constantly evolving, because our lives constantly change. However, because of the stress free and more peaceful life it can give you, it is worth activity pursuing. There are also times in life which are always going to be more challenging.


I think simple living also makes you appreciate things more. Especially the everyday things that we sometimes take for granted. A warm home, tasty food to eat. Perhaps a good film and some snacks. Candles lit and flickering in the dark. Just those little extras that can add a lot to the overall feeling in your home.


It makes you less dependent on the things you own. Once you start finding joy in other things that don’t cost you anything, it makes you question whether you need all the extras in your home to make you feel happy. And most of the time, you don’t! So get them decluttered and sold 😉 apparently most people have over £1,000 of unused items in their home.


Contented people also worry less about what other people think of that. Simple living brings a level of contentedness and peace (I realise that sounds a bit corny!) but it’s true. And then it doesn’t matter so much what other people think of you; if people are saying or making remarks about something in your life, then perhaps they’re not the supportive people you need surrounding you.

What Is Simple Living? - The Frugal Cottage


I think simple living has to be flexible, as it’s quite a personal journey. What one person might think of as simplifying their lives might not fit someone else’s idea of the same notion. Like I mentioned before, our lives are constantly changing and evolving. It’s natural that the processes will change and shift to fit in with your lifestyle.


I am constantly striving to make our lives more simple. I think it has massive benefits, such as less stress and anxiety around certain aspects. Even with the somewhat imminent arrival of our second child, I want to try and continue living more simply. I’ll be the first to admit that I like nothing better than a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake. Nothing beats that, in my book 🙂


Have you heard of simply living? Do you apply it to your own lifestyle? 


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