I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for some time now, and I’ve finally taken the plunge!

I’m a girl in my twenties who wants to be better at finance. Between me and my husband, we’re pretty good, but we can be better! The only debts we have between us are our student loans, which will take a while to pay off but we’re not that worried about them. We have BIG financial aims and I’m hoping that being accountable by writing about them on here will make me more determined to meet them.

We live in the north of the UK, and we’re good at living life on a budget. However, we want our money to work in the best way possible for us, so that we can live the good life on our budget! Me, my husband and our two cats are enjoying living the life we can afford due to careful budgeting and planning. I spend a lot of my free time reading various finance and lifestyle blogs, so have picked up plenty of knowledge along the way.

I shall be sharing various tips, information, guides and other various things on our journey, and I hope that you will join us on our quest for a better financial future!

The Frugal Cottage is open!

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