Planning a holiday party is a challenge for most homeowners. Of course anyone would want a fun and a memorable party that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can make that possible by applying these suggestions for hosting a holiday party on a budget.


Host it at home

If your house is big enough to accommodate many guests then host the party at home. Events place could be costly but if you prefer that, might as well find one but be sure to have an early reservation and pick a date and time that will typically work for guests.


Send out invitations

Paper is expensive, so send invites through email. This way saves you time, money on envelopes, paper, and stamps.


Know your budget ahead of time

Decide on a budget and plan everything in advance. Things to keep in mind include the size of the gathering, the cost of food and drinks you will serve plus decorations. Buying stuff ahead of time can also keep costs down.


Be organised

Keep a list of things that you need to prepare, make, and buy. Prepare and have them in a way that helps you be more efficient with your time and errands.


Downsize and go potluck

You don’t have to serve like five different appetizers, desserts, and cocktails. Stick with potlucks or simple buffets because these are certainly less expensive than a sit-down course dinner. Serve just one or two signature cocktails or offer a couple of wines and beers.


Simple decorations and special touches 

Holiday parties today usually have themes, but there’s no need to buy elegant decorations to cover the entire place. Focus on your entry area, food table, and washroom.  An inexpensive door wreath or twigs wrapped in a festive bow, pillar candles of various sizes on a foyer table, a clear bowl filled with extra ornaments on your buffet table, and a scented candle in your washroom make guests feel welcome but not overwhelmed.  Add fresh lemons to other drinks and water and cucumber as a cocktail garnish can add a sense of indulgence to an otherwise simple affair.


Simplify and delegate

If your party is going to be a casual get together with family and a group of friends, then ask them to contribute a dish or bring some crackers. You can say like “Please bring a dish or a bottle of wine you love.”  And if anyone offers to help you set up and clean up, allow them. It’s a great way to get people involved in the party and avoid yourself from being so exhausted. Save energy and be one of the guests of the party you work hard for!


Final Thoughts

If you’re finding it hard to create an amazing house-party because of space limitations, then why not rent a party area with your friends? Better yet, you can spend your next holiday season on a bigger lot. View a house for sale in Cranbourne and look forward to a more marvelous party next year.


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