This week has been fairly quiet, with not so much going on. I did have a big inspection by senior leadership on Wednesday which thankfully seems to have gone well, much to my relief. It is always nice to hear positive feedback, and get advice on what things could be done better. There are some people I work with who do not like being told that their work is not 100% but I like learning and understanding how to make myself a better employee, so take on board their advice. I just need to work on a couple of little things, which should be relatively easy to implement, so I’m happy with that.

I mentioned last week about our oven breaking, and it has been a bit strange being without it this week. The hob still works fine so we’ve been cooking on that mainly but still, it is a bit odd. We have found an oven that seems to look okay and it’s in the sale at the moment, so we’re going to look at that on Monday. Hopefully it’ll look good in person (that seems like an odd thing to type) and we can get the ball moving on that purchase. It’ll hurt a bit in terms of a big spend, but it is a necessity I feel in our house. Watch this space!


5 things I’ve enjoyed/been grateful for this week:

1) Ginger biscuits dipped in a cup of tea – yum.

2) I’ve finished the second series of The Bridge: Series 1 & 2 [DVD] – I love it and am a bit sad it’s over!

3) A catch up with a girl friend who I haven’t seen in ages – I forget how good friendships can be.

4) Getting home at a reasonable time, when it’s still light outside. Spring is on its way!

5) My Saturday morning lie in and lazy weekends. Perfect really.


5 blog posts I’ve enjoyed this week:

1) Financial Independence = Geographical Independence by Dividend Mantra. Again, another interesting perspective by Jason.

2) Sunrise by Creative Countryside. A collage of pictures by Eleanor – it almost makes me wish I was a morning person!

3) 4 Reasons To Make Extra Money by Making Sense of Cents. A straightforward and sensible post by Michelle – makes me question why I’m not doing more in this area.

4) Life at our place by Down to Earth. I love seeing glimpses into other people’s lives.

5) Home and Away: Easy Lemon and Garlic Potatoes by Cooking Up A Storm In A Teacup. Lots of lovely pictures and recipes in this post.


And, in case you’ve missed them, these are the topics I’ve posted about this week:

3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes On A Budget – here are my some of my favourite, cheap breakfast recipes.

How To Achieve A Good Work/Life Balance – something I’m constantly striving to achieve!


What have you enjoyed reading this week? Any plans for the week ahead? I’d love to hear about it! 


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