It is definitely nearing Christmas now; the weather has got much cooler and I have had to defrost my windscreen more than once this week! Most of our evenings have been spent sat on the sofa, cuddled up and watching a film. We’ve finally got round to watching the start of Breaking Bad to see what it’s all about – I realise we’re very late to the party on that one though!

Our bathroom is also finished! Well, in the sense that all of the building work is complete. The electrician has signed off all of the new electrics so everything is done. We’ve got some tester pots to try some different colours, but we can’t decide on a colour; I’m thinking this might take us the longest to decide.


5 things I’ve enjoyed/been grateful for this week:

1) We’ve put the Christmas decorations up and it’s finally starting to feel festive in our house.

2) Christmas shopping – I love buying things for other people.

3) I treated myself to an orange hot chocolate from a well known coffee shop yesterday – £3.05 but totally worth it.

4) Nightly snuggles with our two cats on the sofa – who needs heating when you’ve got two ready-made hot water bottles who want cuddles?!

5) The Missing is a programme on BBC 1 and I’m looking forward to watching the final part on Tuesday – I’ve loved it but am looking forward to knowing what the ending is.


5 blog posts I’ve enjoyed this week:

1) 10 Ways To Control Your Finances and Reach Financial Freedom by Making Sense of Cents. Clear, concise tips that will help you on your journey.

2) Challenge Savings Account #3: $1,209.16 by Budgets Are Sexy. This post shows that cutting the unnecessary spends soon add up!

3) Liberty print baubles by Apartment Apothecary. A straightforward post about making some homemade Christmas decorations.

4) Roasted Butternut Squash and Bacon Soup by Damn Delicious. How perfect is this soup for a cold winter’s evening?

5) Chocolate Chip Cookie Bottomed Salted Rum Caramel Tart with Toasted Marshmallow by Half Baked Harvest. The title alone had me – this would be perfect as an alternative Christmas pudding.


And, in case you’ve missed them, these are the topics I’ve posted about this week:

Why Giving To Food Banks Is Important And What You Can Do To Help – a post about the importance of food banks and my pledge to do more.

How To Stick To A Budget In 2015 – as we’re in the middle of planning next year’s budget, here are some tips to stick to it!


What have you enjoyed reading this week? Any plans for the week ahead? I’d love to hear about it! 


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