Another week has gone by so quickly. I’ve had some late nights at work trying to get everything done, so by the time I get home in the evening, I don’t want to do anything. That coupled with not sleeping well means this hasn’t been the best week. Here’s to a better week next week!

I haven’t weighted myself this week as I know I haven’t tried as hard as I should have. When work is stressful I do end up reaching for more sugary things to get by. I know that’s a bad habit and I’m working on not doing that, but it is hard. I’m still hoping to reach my aim of 4 lbs lost in September though!


5 things I’ve enjoyed/been grateful for this week:

1) Me and my husband have been away for the night and it’s been lovely.

2) Made some chocolate chunk cookies for work this week which were good. Great with a cuppa!

3) Skype chats with friends which make me smile.

4) Movie night with my husband – we watched Captain Phillips which was excellent.

5) Chip Friday! Our boss bought everyone in the department chips for lunch on Friday – naughty lunch but very tasty.


5 blog posts I’ve enjoyed this week:

1) Being a Landlord is a Dirty Job by Color Me Frugal. As someone who is somewhat interested in the real estate world, this was an eye opening post.

2) Using Rental Properties are a Great Way To Diversity Your Investments by The College Investor. Following on from #1, another article on real estate as an investment strategy.

3) 16 Thrifty Autumn Date Ideas by A Thrifty Mrs. An adorable post about money saving date ideas. Love this!

4) Is It So Bad to Do Something “Just For The Money”? by Planting Money Seeds. If you need the money, is it bad to do anything in order to get it? An thought-provoking post.

5) Breakfast Hash by Frugal Feeding. An indulgent breakfast/brunch but it looks SO good.


And, in case you’ve missed them, these are the topics I’ve posted about this week:

Learning To Enjoy The Simple Life – a post about learning to avoid the pressures and be content with the simple life.

5 Free Things To Do At The Weekend – stuck for something to do this weekend? 5 free things to do here.


What have you enjoyed reading this week? Any plans for the week ahead? I’d love to hear about it! 


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