This post is a slightly wishful, half-serious explanation of our dreams for the future.

The ultimate dream, for both me and my husband, is to retire fully at age 50. My husband is older than me, slightly, so it might change so that when I retire at age 50, my husband then will as well, even though he’s slightly older. I also want to retire to somewhere in the countryside, in a village in a cottage, much like the one described in my post about the frugal cottage name. I guess this is when we’ll reach financial independence, when our income/savings will last for our retirement.

Now, doing to sums and projections for this, based on our current incomes and savings rates, makes for some very scary reading. In fact, unless we make drastic changes and are able to sustain them for the next 20-odd years, we won’t make it. Even with the move and downsize (presumably) included, it’ll take an enormous amount of effort and sacrifice on our point, to even come close to the figures.

But, in my mind, those sacrifices will be worth it.

So much in life is about instant gratification and immediate pleasure, that a lot of people don’t take into account delayed gratification and what that can also bring. Too many people my own age are so totally focused on the here and now, that the future and their future happiness isn’t even considered. Now, that’s fine for now, whilst they’re young and in work, but what about 20 years down the line? When there’s little to show for all that time, effort and money earned? Then what?

One of my worries about the future is that we spend so much time working, so much energy used to be able to live, then when we actually retire, we’ll end up living a life that’s much harder than it should be, purely due to lack of consideration. Lack of delayed gratification and planning for the future might lead to very tough times ahead. And what for? So I can have some more cake/chocolate/coffee/other treat I might want.

Reading other blogs about early retirement, by those who have succeeded – even at some very early ages – is very inspiring,  but the numbers they have in terms of net worth, in passive income, in investments and in other income streams, is awe-inspiring. Numbers me and my husband can only dream about. But, is it bad to have a dream?

We’d have to be mortgage free (obviously) for this to happen, plus have a lot of money in savings/investments/other lines of income so we could support our outgoings. I want us to be able to travel, experience places in the UK we’ve never managed to get to, and have a good standard of living. It’s hard to predict what income we’d need specifically, but I’ve got a good goal in mind, taking into account inflation.

Can it be done? I sure hope so! And if we don’t manage to succeed, I’ll still know that we’ve given it all we have got. Now it’s written down it makes it real, right?

Have you thought about early retirement? What are your goals and dreams? I’d love to hear about your plans! 

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