As me and my husband are focusing on eating more healthily and reducing our intake of processed foods in exchange for whole, natural foods, I thought I would trial a different way of how we pay for our groceries. After all, when you spend cash rather than use plastic, it seems much more real.


So, for September (to begin with!) I’m going to pay for all of our groceries with cash. This is the September Cash Challenge. For the challenge, all that is included is food and drink that is bought for our household. This includes all food bought for lunches eaten at work (me and husband both take packed lunches to work) Β and any drinks as well.


What isn’t included in the challenge is the two meals we’ve got planned out at restaurants for birthday celebrations. They are already planned and are not counted in this budget. But, if we get tempted by a sneaky takeaway, then that has to come out of the budget! It’s food after all. I’m hoping that this will mean that I am not tempted by a takeaway after work when I’m tired, as I have been known to do.


Our budget? It is going to be set at Β£45 per week. If I spend less than this, then that extra amount can be carried on to the next week. I was going to set it at Β£50 per week but I’m trying to eat healthily on a budget. If I’m finding it ridiculously hard then I will up it to Β£50 a week, but I’m hoping not. There are only two of us!


So here goes! The September Cash Challenge! Wish me luck.


What do you think? Does anyone want to join me? I’d love to hear about your progress!

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September Cash Challenge

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