Hello September! Am I the only one who can’t believe there are only four months left in 2015? How fast is this year going?! I am looking forward to the cooler days, the darker evenings and Autumn on the way; Winter is my favourite season so I like the colder months. I’m hoping that we’ll get into more a routine this month so can start to plan our days a bit more, plus go on some outings as a family.


Every month I like to set myself aims for the month, to keep myself focused and to make sure I actually use the time during the month wisely! There are two sets of aims: Finance and Personal. August worked out very well for us, despite the unknown, so I’m hoping that September will be just the same.

September Aims

Financial aims for September:

– Have 20 NSpend Days (NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by something

– Put £400 into savings


I smashed our NSD target for August, so I’m raising it again for September. I’m not sure what unexpected expenses might crop up during the month, but 20 NSDs should be doable with some planning. Our mortgage overpayment targets have changed again; I want to continue overpaying but I don’t know if we can commit to a certain number at this stage. However, as being mortgage free is a bit part of a goals, I want to continue to overpay for as long as we can, even if it’s a small number. Lastly, we managed to hit our savings target in August, but with continued reduced income means that continuing to hit our target might become more and more of a challenge. However, that’s why it’s called a challenge! I’m hoping to manage to hit this; we’ve nothing planned for September that should eat into our spends too much.


Personal Aims For September:

– lose 4lbs

bake something

– have an outing as a family 


Now that I’m not pregnant anymore, I have some weight to lose! Luckily, I didn’t gain too much weight during pregnancy but there is still some there that I’d like to lose. So, weight loss aims are back as a personal target. 4lbs doesn’t seem unreasonable, but we shall see. I haven’t baked anything in ages it feels like, so I’d quite like to manage this. However, whether or not I’ll manage is another matter; baby doesn’t like to be put down/left alone very much at this stage so it could prove slightly tricky. I quite fancy making brownies though 🙂 and lastly, try and manage to get out somewhere as our family, whether that is just a walk somewhere or visiting someone, it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes us to leave our house…


Do you have any aims for this month? What will challenge you the most? I’d love to hear from you!

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