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Water is one of those essential bills we have to pay, and one in which many people believe they can’t save money on. Unlike with Gas and Electricity, you cant switch water companies. However there are still many ways to reduce the cost of your water bill. Here are some easy tips that could save you money on your water bills;


Water Saving Gadgets

Did you know you can get water saving gadgets for free? If you’re in England or Wales then you are eligible for these free gadgets by visiting the site and entering your postcode. Some of the free gadgets on offer include a shower timer, toilet leak detection tablets and a shower regulator. The site also offers a discount shower heads and water butts.


Changing your water habits

Saving money by using less water can also be achieved by making small changes in your day to day life. Some ideas include;

  • Taking showers instead of baths. A quick shower will use far less water than having a bath.
  • Not leaving the tap running when you are doing things at the sink such as brushing your teeth.
  • Only running the Dishwasher when its full. The same principle applies to using the washing machine, make sure its full when being used.
  • If you do the washing up manually then it is more efficient to fill up a bowl of water to use rather than letting the tap run continuously.
  • Using a watering can instead of a hose for outdoor water needs.


Fix Any Leaky Taps

If you have any taps that leak then make sure you get them fixed! I unfortunately learnt this the hard way when we had an outside tap that leaked, but we ignored it for a while. We then got a shock when we got our water bill and saw they were higher than usual. I rang the water company to query the bill and was asked whether we had any leaky taps which of course I did! We then had the tap fixed and our water bills returned to normal.


Consider a Water Meter

The main benefit to having a water meter installed is that you only pay for the water you use. Having a water meter may cost you less than paying a fixed rate, however it may not be the case for everyone. As a general rule if you are a household with fewer people (i.e one or two) and more bedrooms than people (e.g a couple living in a 4 bedroom house) then it is more likely that using a water meter will cost you less.  The Consumer Council for Water has a free water meter calculator which tells you whether you can save by having a meter so its worth checking it out. Getting a water meter installed is free, apart from in Scotland.


Install a Water Saving Shower-head

There are shower heads designed to use less water than a regular shower head. Consider one of these special water heads to save money when showering.


Collect Rain Water

Rain water collected in a water butt could be used instead of your own water. Cleaning the car or watering plants could be done with collected rain water, saving you money.


By making some of these changes you should hopefully see a reduction to your water bills! Don’t forget that if you are struggling to afford your water bill then there might be help available. Most companies now offer a reduced ‘social tarriff’ for people on low income – more information can be found at the Consumer Council for Water. If you’re already on a water meter and have high usage needs, such as a consequence of a health condition, then the WaterSure scheme should be able to help with costs.

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