This is a short post today but it’s to introduce something I’m going to be taking on in September.


I’m going to attempt another No Spend Month! I have done this before, but it didn’t go entirely to plan. I want this one to be much more successful.


I’ll be honest, it feels like we’ve become quite spend-y as of late. July/August have been expensive for various reasons, some avoidable, some not. This means that our savings rate has taken a hit as our money has been spent elsewhere. I also feel like the smaller spends have crept in again?


So, I’m going to take part in a No Spend Month challenge for September and I would love for you to join me!


I’ve set up a Facebook group where we all support and share success together:
>>Click here!<<<


Over the next week I shall be posting about preparing for a No Spend Month, what different circumstances can mean and how you can find alternative ways to do things so you don’t end up spending any money.



I am quite excited to start this as I feel like it’ll get my money mindset back on track. Regardless of your own reasons for doing this, it should help you get back on track!


So, come and join my Facebook group with other challenge members – we’re nearly at 40 members already!
>>>Click here!<<<


Have you attempted a No Spend Month before? Are you going to join me in the challenge? I’d love to hear from you!

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