This post comes from quite a personal place. I had the immense privilege to do some filming with Steph McGovern and the BBC on Monday. Yes, you read that right! Steph, plus a producer and a camera man came to our house to film. Mr FC, Frugal Baby, my mum and I sat at our kitchen table discussing spending habits. Very surreal, I must say. But, I very much enjoyed it 🙂


But, the only reason why that came about is because a while ago I decided to start saying yes to things.


They say that life begins out of your comfort zone. We all get to a stage in life where things are comfortable. Hopefully easy. The routines that we do everyday become ingrained so that nothing deviates.


But, where do the renewed enthusiasm come in? Where does that excitement, the spark of something new, happen?


It happens when you say yes to something. Even if that something is very much out of your comfort zone!


If you had told me a year ago that I would have done filming with both Channel 4 and the BBC, I would never have believed you. Just writing that sentence seems too good to be true, to be honest. I never set out to do anything on tv, when I started The Frugal Cottage three years ago, but I have. And all because I had the courage to say yes to something that was vastly outside of my expertise.


The more often you say yes, the less you limit yourself. If you constantly say no to things, you’re not allowing yourself to experience new things. Activities that can help shape you as a person and help you grow. No matter how cheesy that might sound!


Taking on new challenges will help you grow in confidence and self worth. Achieving success, no matter what area of life, can only make you feel more positive about yourself and your worth. The more confident you feel about yourself will help you say yes even more! A never-ending circle 🙂


You never know when an opportunity is going to arise. A simple question might lead to a new job offer, a chance to learn a new skill set, experience something new. And often, opportunities only occur once, and if you say no, then that opportunity will be lost. Or worse, someone else might get the chance when you could have done!


We’ve forgotten how to learn something new. Every single behaviour you engage in now is a learned behaviour. Remember, at one point, you couldn’t walk or talk! Now, most of us won’t remember not being able to do either of these things, and so take it for granted. But both of these options took a lot of practice and trial and error. Frugal Baby is just getting to be able to say longer sentences, which he’s very pleased about. But, it’s very hit and miss!


Learning something as an adult takes time and patience. In theory, we should be better at the patience bit, as we’re older and wiser 😉 however, time pressures might have a constraint depending on your lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say yes to something. Figure out the how later on!


Saying yes means meeting new people! Again, filming has meant talking to different people, through emails and phone calls. People who are interested in our story and want to find more out about our family. I wouldn’t have had the chance for thought provoking conversations with strangers, had I said no. Some of the new people you meet might become life long friends. You just never know who you might meet, all because you said yes to something.


Remember, if someone is asking you to do something, it means they believe you’re capable of doing it. Again, it all comes down to comfort zone but the person asking truly believes you can do it, otherwise they wouldn’t ask! If you’re having a wobble, remember that.


What’s the worse that could happen? If you say yes to something and it doesn’t work out, then it’s not the end of the world. Put it down to experience, reflect and move on to the next thing. There might be some things you try out and hate. But you’ll know for next time!


I definitely feel like since saying yes to more, I have had the opportunity to do more. Experience more. And grow more as a person. Saying yes only attracts more positivity! In fact, looking at my bucket list post, which was written a while ago and has some big things on there, one of them is filming for the BBC. I can already tick it off! I find that amazing 🙂


What have you said yes to recently? Was it something out of your comfort zone?


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