Hello Monday! It’s a good Monday today as there are only three weeks left until the end of term, and then I get to spend lots and lots of quality time with the Frugal Baby, hopefully in some sunshine 🙂 I am supposed to be doing slimming world but have fallen off the wagon a bit recently (already!) so I’m hoping to get back on track this week.


The last week has been a bit uninspired regarding our food choices. Does anyone else get that occasionally, where you just don’t fancy anything you’ve planned to eat? I had a whole meal plan written and food purchased for, as always, but then each night I just didn’t want to eat what I had planned. We ate some meals out last week that weren’t planned, so not very frugal and not great for the waist line! I doubt I’ll have lost weight this week, although it’s weigh in night tonight so we shall see.

Meal Plan Monday 26


This week’s meal plan looks like this:

Monday – spicy chicken tortellini with cheese sauce

Tuesday – pizza (Mr FC) and bbq (me)

Wednesday – Gammon, egg and SW chips

Thursday – spiced chicken with courgette couscous

Friday – burger in a bowl with SW chips


There are lots of new things on the mean plan this week which I’m excited to try! Most of them are from the SW recipe books so I’m trying to stick to the plan this week. The burger in a bowl recipe was on the meal plan for last week but we didn’t actually have it so it’s back on for this week instead; it’s from the Fakeaway book and it looks really tasty! Lots of extra vegetables in our meals too as I am really trying to get our fruit and vegetable intake up each week. We need to set a good example to the Frugal Baby.


For my lunches this week I have bought salad and either roast ham or chicken to have with it. Then fresh fruit and yoghurt for pudding. Muller light yogurts were on offer so I’ve got those. I have also got some of the slimming world hifi cereal bars to have as a snack each day; the chocolate orange ones are my favourite and are really good with a cup of tea around 3pm when I’m starting to slump!


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Part of our planning and budget for food means that some items are used from our stockpile every week. This is so the food we already have in the cupboards is used regularly and rotated so nothing goes to waste, but it’s also a good habit to get in to so that if we cannot get to the shops for whatever reason, I can make meals from what we already have in the cupboards. Using a combination of fresh and frozen food really keeps our grocery budget down. The mince is from the freezer this week and I’m using lots of cupboard staples too, such as rice and pasta.


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What are you eating this week? Trying anything new? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! 


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