Another Monday, another meal plan post for the Frugal Cottage. The weather is still quite miserable so it’s still more comfort meals on the menu for us this week. We’re usually eating lighter meals at this time of the year, but as it’s not warmer, we’re sticking to the more substantial meals! Is anyone else fed up of the rain that keeps appearing? It’s so hit and miss at the moment!


I normally do our grocery shopping on Sunday morning whilst Mr FC has some quality daddy-baby time with our little one, so I can take my time in the supermarket. I actually enjoy food shopping and browsing round the store, though I make sure that I stick to the list that I make before I go. Making a list means that I don’t buy things we don’t need, plus ensures that nothing gets thrown away. It also means that I use our stockpile up in good time so that the stock is rotated properly. I use a notepad like this to write my meal plan our and then the shopping list – nothing too technical here! I spent a bit more than normal this week as we needed to stock up on a few items, plus I’m trying to incorporate more fresh fruit and vegetables into our diet, so that’s pushing up spends somewhat. Why is healthy food so expensive? :/

Meal Plan Monday 24


So, our meal plan for this week is as follows:

Monday – filled pasta and sauce

Tuesday – chilli con carne with rice

Wednesday – pizza night!

Thursday –  pasta puttanesca

Friday – Gammon, sw chips and fried egg


Lots of things on this week’s plan are meals we have had before, so we know that we have lots of tasty meals to look forward to this week. I’ve joined slimming world so I’m trying to incorporate some of those recipes into our meal plan; Mr FC isn’t following it but has to eat what I make, so he’s getting some of it too 😉 I’ve been looking at some of the recipes from the Fakeaway book which look really tasty! Can’t wait to try some of them 🙂


Breakfast and lunches are included in our budget as well; breakfast is normally a banana for Mr FC. I’ve bought enough bananas for me to have one for breakfast too, as I’m trying to be healthier and there’s a similar amount of calories in a banana as there are in the cereal bars I buy, but the banana has much more goodness in ? I have bought some cereal bars as they are a healthy extra, plus some fun size malteasers for that chocolate-y hit!


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Part of our planning and budget for food means that some items are used from our stockpile every week. This is so the food we already have in the cupboards is used regularly and rotated so nothing goes to waste, but it’s also a good habit to get in to so that if we cannot get to the shops for whatever reason, I can make meals from what we already have in the cupboards. Using a combination of fresh and frozen food really keeps our grocery budget down.


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What are you eating this week? Trying anything new? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! 


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