Hello May! I am so glad that April is behind us and May is here. I feel much more positive about the start of the month. I have been looking at my budget. Thinking about what I need to improve on. Feeling very determined. The sunshine has definitely helped that, I’m sure. As the year continues to speed along, the weather gets brighter and things seem easier.


We haven’t got much planned in May; just work and the usual balance of life. Hopefully we might get out on a couple of family days, time permitting. I think it is so important to have things to look forward to, even if they are small. I do have a friend coming up from London for the day in the middle of the month and I can’t wait to see her! 🙂


Financial aims for May:

– Have a No Spend Month

– Overpay our mortgage by £50

– Put £1000 into savings


I haven’t hit my NSD target this year yet so I have decided to change what I’m aiming for. As I said in my April review post, it was a disaster for NSDs. So, instead, I feel like I need a No Spend Month instead. I have a post coming up on Wednesday all about this. I’m hoping it’ll reign in the spending! As always, I am continuing with plodding along with mortgage payments, though I am aiming for less. This is because I want to continue building my investments and dividend income. The savings aim is huge but it’s what I need to be consistently hitting. I didn’t manage to get anywhere near this in April, so I’m not behind in terms of yearly aims. Here’s hoping May is more positive!


Personal Aims For May:

– do some baking

– list 10 things on ebay

finalise my plans for the future of The Frugal Cottage


I made a cake last month and really enjoyed it, so I’ve left baking on this month’s too. I think taking the time out to make something is quite relaxing. Plus, you get to eat cake at the end. Nothing better than some homemade cake and a cuppa 🙂 I have quite few clothing items that I keep meaning to get listed on eBay. So, this is a reminder for me if nothing else. Finally, I do have some decisions to make about the future here at The Frugal Cottage.


Here’s to May being much better than April. What are your aims for the month?


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