Hello March! A new month, where the evenings are getting longer, and the days are hopefully a bit brighter. We don’t really have any plans in March, as the majority of the time me and my husband are at work. However, we’ll be spending our time relaxing and enjoying the time we have together (how corny does that sound?!).  

Every month I like to set myself aims for the month, to keep myself focused and to make sure I actually use the time during the month wisely! There are two sets of aims: Finance and Personal. February was a great month, both Financial and Personal wise, so here is hoping that March is just the same.


Financial aims for March:

– Have 20 NSpend Days (or NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by the interest added on only

– Put £700 into savings


I met my NSD target for February, so I’m putting my target back up to 20 for March. I’m hoping that this will be more than achievable, as there are more days in March and we don’t have a lot planned.  Like last month, our mortgage overpayment will just be in the interest added only as I’m happy with how that is going for now. Although we absolutely smashed our target for savings yet again in February, I have kept our savings target for the month the same. If I hit it again this month, I may have a re-think in April as to what I want our target to be.


Personal Aims for March:

– bake something

 eat healthily 

– book a haircut


Although I did, finally, bake something in February, I’m keeping this aim here for March so that I force myself to bake something else. Maybe something a bit more healthy? I quite fancy granola bars, but we shall see. Rather than say diet, or lose so many lbs, I’m just going to focus on eating healthily, everything in moderation so to speak. A hair cut might seem like quite an un-frugal thing to do, but I have really long hair and only get it cut about twice a year. My bi-annual haircut is way over due so I really need to book it this month. I do happen to have some vouchers than I received for Christmas so it shouldn’t cost me much, if anything at all.


Do you have any aims for this month? What will challenge you the most? I’d love to hear from you!


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