Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week, and are looking forward to the weekend 🙂 me and the Frugal Baby are off to a sensory play session at the library this afternoon for the first time, so it’ll be good to see what he makes of it. The tickets were only £2 which I think is a great bargain, plus we’re supporting the library which is important. He then has his next round of immunisations at 4:30pm today which never go down well 🙁


The main thing that has happened at The Frugal Cottage recently is that my baby boy turned 1! On Sunday, to be exact. We had a quiet morning just the three of us, then we had family and friends round in the afternoon for a little party. The Frugal Baby is very sociable so he loved having lots of people round our house. Our birthday present to him was to convert our conservatory from a room we barely used into a playroom for him. I’m hoping it’ll mean that more of his stuff will stay contained in there 😉 we shall see! I also made his birthday cake which was the first time I had made a rainbow cake! I used these colourings which, as you can see, worked really well.



How is my boy 1 already?!


I made his birthday cake - frugal skills working here!

I made his birthday cake – frugal skills working here!



This is the inside – a rainbow cake!


I think the Frugal Baby is going to like his playroom...

I think the Frugal Baby is going to like his playroom…


We are also going to a cake smash photo shoot on Sunday for his first birthday! We got a shoot done by the same photographer when he was around three months old and the pictures are lovely. I am making the cake to take with us; I’m just going to do a basic Victoria sponge with blue coloured buttercream icing. I could have paid someone else to make it, but it’s not as if it needs to be a particularly tasty cake, as it’s just going to get trashed during the shoot. I can’t wait to see the pictures though!


I have written about my favourite frugal hobby before, but I am desperately trying to get back into reading every night before I go to sleep. Before I was pregnant, I read every night without fail, but being pregnant took it’s toll and then since the Frugal Baby arrived I, in all honesty, haven’t read very much at all. But, I am managing now that he’s sleeping better throughout the night! I have read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (I read this in one day, I recommend!) and then I have just finished reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult, which I also recommend. Totally different but a good read none the less.



For the rest of the summer break I intend to take it slowly and appreciate the time I have off. It’s all too easy to let time pass by without really realising it, but I want to take in all the little moments that make our family whole. I keep thinking that the Frugal Baby is going to take his first steps unaided, so I’m secretly hoping that it happens when I’m there to witness it! Also, I’m not going to lie, I’m enjoying having a couple of afternoon naps as well 😉 as are the Frugal Cats when they get the chance!



Luna, napping on a freshly washed towel..! It’s a good job we love her 😉


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