Happy Friday everyone! This morning we are off for our first adventure that is soft play, so I’m sure that’ll be interesting…! I’m not sure what Frugal Baby will actually be able to do in there, but it’s something new for him to explore and experience 🙂


Yesterday, I had the exciting opportunity to be on the radio! Last week I received an email from BBC Newcastle radio asking if I could come and in and talk about my blog and our journey to early retirement. Of course, I said yes! We all travelled up there this morning and after a quick chat with the radio host, was then live on air! The time absolutely flew by and before I knew it, it was all over. I loved it and I hope I get the change to do it again in the future.


My visitor badge for the BBC!

The Frugal Baby is 11 months old now, and he’ll be one in just over three weeks. I cannot believe we have an (almost) one year; this year has gone by so quickly. He has now mastered puling himself up on the furniture and cruising along the sofa which he’s immensely pleased about. He’s not too bothered yet about trying to walk unaided; he’ll do it if he’s holding onto his walker, or holding our hands, but he hasn’t attempted to walk by himself. I’m probably not going to rush that either, as once he can do that, then that’s it!

He particularly likes the tv unit to pull himself up on!

He particularly likes the tv unit to pull himself up on!

We have been thinking about his first birthday party and decided we are going to have family and a few friends round for the afternoon. I didn’t want to do anything too huge as a) he’s only one and doesn’t know anything about birthdays really and b) I don’t want to overwhelm him and then he get upset. We have decided that we’re going to make the conservatory into his playroom, so we are beginning to look at things to put in there. We have been looking at some foam tiles to put down on the floor so it would be padded. Any other thoughts for what we could put in there? 


I have one week left at work until it’s the end of the summer term. I then get to spend six weeks with my beautiful boy! I’m hoping that we will spend lots of time outside, playing in the garden and exploring nearby. I haven’t taken him to the big park thats not too far from us yet, so that’s definitely on the cards. Any other suggestions for cheap things to do with a one year old? I thought about taking him swimming but I think that the pool will be really busy in the summer holidays so perhaps not. Still, can’t wait!

Lovely walk in the sunshine :)

Lovely walk in the sunshine 🙂


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