I thought I’d do another Life Update post, as I haven’t done one since September! A lot of things have changed during that time, so it’s definitely time for an update.


The Frugal Baby is now (almost) six months old, and boy does time fly. He’s not quite mastered the art of rolling over yet; he gets three quarters of the way there and then can’t work out what to do with the arm he ends up lying on. I’m sure he’ll get it soon enough, and then there’ll be no stopping him! He’s growing bigger and bigger; he seems like a really long baby. Maybe he’s going to be tall? He’s almost into his next set of clothes as well – it’s amazing how little time it takes for him to move up to the next size. I’ve got him some lovely things that were in the sale after Christmas, so his wardrobe hasn’t cost us that much, which I’m pleased about.

Me and the Frugal Baby having a lazy morning :)

Me and the Frugal Baby having a lazy morning 🙂

I’m also quite pleased with how our finances are at the moment; so many people commented on how expensive having children are and that we’d never have any money once our baby arrived, but, apart from one or two splurges that we’ve made for him (we got him this and this) , we haven’t really spent a lot on him. The thing that’s most expensive is the formula he’s on, but that’s obviously a necessity.  I’m quite happy staying at home and enjoying our time together as I know I need to make the most of this time. But, we’ve searched for the best offers and used TopCashback so we’ll get a little something back from that too. He continues with his swimming lessons too, plus I’ve started going to a couple of groups at our local library for free, so he’s working on his social skills too 😉


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Meal planning and eating healthier continues to be an aim of mine. I am a big fan of meal planning as it minimises food waste and ensures that I only buy what we need. I have been running our stockpile supplies a little low lately, so when I’m back at work and earning some more income, I will work on building it back up. I’m still not great at us hitting our 5-a-day, but once the Frugal Baby starts on solid foods, which won’t be long, we need to be setting a good example.


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I mentioned in the last Life Update about joining our local gym.The one closest to us has a nice swimming pool with a jacuzzi, sauna and steam room which I thought could be nice and relaxing on an evening. Well, I took the plunge, so to speak, and joined at the end of October and I’ve been really enjoying going swimming and then having a go in the steam room and then jacuzzi. It’s a bit of me time and I enjoy swimming, even though it’s exercise! It’s quite expensive but I think that the expense is justified, providing I make sure I use it often enough.


Lastly, I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months. We’ve got our first family holiday booked in February – we’re just going to Center Parcs for the week – which will be lovely. We’re going to take the Frugal baby swimming and see what he makes of a different pool. Plus, we’ll hopefully get out for a couple of walks and spend some quality time as a family. He’ll also start to try solid foods, which I’m sure will be an interesting journey! I can see some quite messy times ahead of us 😉


So there you have it; an update on me! Have you got any breaks away planned?

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