I haven’t done a Life Update for ages, since February actually, so I thought I would do another one, just for me to collect my thoughts if nothing else!

Life Update 3

As the time continues to plod along towards our due date (we’ve got just under two months to go!), time definitely seems to be slowing down. In fact, the weeks seem to drag massively, though apparently this is very common at this stage in pregnancy, as it’s just the waiting game left now. Well, waiting and expanding, I suppose. I keep thinking that I should keep a track of the expenses incurred so far by bump, whether that be from painting the nursery, buying maternity clothes (such as work trousers) or getting a couple of the oh-so-cute outfits spied whilst shopping. We have not spent a huge amount so far as we have been lucky enough to be either gifted things or been given them second hand, which we have no issue with at all, so costs have been lower than perhaps they might have been. Still, lots of things still to get! I cannot wait to meet our little person now; it seems like there’s still a lot way to go though.
One of the side effects I am feeling now is tiredness and lack of motivation to do anything. In fact, most days when I get in from work, I end up having a small nap as I can no longer keep my eyes open! Whilst this definitely helps with the no spending (you can’t spend whilst asleep, right? 😉 ) it also means that I don’t get a lot of things done around the house that I probably should be doing. I haven’t baked anything in ages, plus the meals I am making us on a weekly basis are getting more and more simple, and sometimes more convenient, because I can no longer be bothered to stand for ages at the oven cooking. I haven’t had any strange cravings either, which I’m almost disappointed about; I thought I’d be wanted to dip pickled onions in milkshake, but nope! Nothing strange at all. Salt and vinegar crisps are about as adventurous as it has been so far.


In terms of finances, we still continue to try our best in terms of keeping our outgoings much lower than our income. Does anyone else seem to spend more when the weather is nicer? I have no idea why this is, but lately I have been feeling the urge to spend more, on things I would never normally spend money on! I keep looking at clothes websites, which is daft because unless they are maternity clothes, I can’t buy them anyway. Still, looking but not buying doesn’t harm anyone. But, I find that our food shops can be slightly more expensive in the summer, due to buying more fresh fruit and veg than we do in the winter. Plus, things like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and melon are more expensive than buying winter fruits such as apples and pears. It is a fine balance of wants vs. needs, that’s for sure. I think that next year I’m going to try and attempt to grow some strawberries and raspberries, if I can sort out our garden a bit.


Finally, I am so looking forward to the next chapter. I am trying to make the most of how quiet and straightforward our lives are now, as I know that by the end of the summer, our lives are never going to be the same again, in a good way. I need to saviour the passing of time, slow and steady, until the moment when a new life enters our lives. Once I leave work for maternity leave, I should have *touch wood* three weeks to get ourselves sorted, do some batch cooking for the freezer and prepare both mentally and physically for the time ahead. Here’s to a frugal baby!


Are strawberries and raspberries hard to grow? Any tips for getting cheaper fruit in the summer? Any tips for keeping child costs down?


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