We’ve had such a lovely week this week here at Frugal Cottage HQ, I thought I would do another Life Update. I don’t regularly do more personal posts, as I’m not entirely sure that’s what people want to come and read?


Firstly, Frugal Baby turned 2 this week! We had a little party at the weekend with mainly family, which was lovely. He definitely knew how to open his presents this year! We are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive network. Frugal Baby got lots of lovely presents, including lots of things with wheels! He loves pushing things around, so he was very pleased. I made him a birthday cake which seemed to go down well with everyone apart from Frugal Baby! Typical 😉


Frugal Birthday Cake


On his actual birthday, we spent the day as a family. We went to an arborium near us which had lots of open space for him to run around in. There were lots of different animals there too which he could look at. He was fascinated by some of the different species of birds! Plus a big playground too. He had sausages and beans for lunch so definitely one happy little boy 🙂 I still can’t believe he’s 2. Where does the time go?!



Speaking of time going, I’m already at the half way stage in this pregnancy. In fact, on Wednesday we had the anomaly scan and we also found out what we’re having – another boy! I’m so excited for Frugal Baby to have a little brother. I cannot wait for the time when he can teach him all about trains and tractors. In fact, that makes me feel quite emotional!

Frugal Baby Announcement

We’ve been looking at some things now that time is ticking along. I still can’t decide whether or not to get a double pushchair? Frugal Baby will be 2.5 years when the new one arrives. We went to try some out and I really liked this one as it was still light and manoeuvrable, but look how much it is?! They’re just so expensive.


We’ve also been looking at different options for sleeping. Now, Frugal Baby was a horrendous sleeper when he was a newborn, due to lots of reasons, and to be honest, he still isn’t at times! So, we’ve been looking at things that might make a difference? I also know that I might be clutching at straws, but anything that helps us get better sleep with a toddler and a newborn is worth the money.


So, we are going to get one of these. Mr FC’s parents have very kindly said that they would get us one. Every review I read about them raves about the fact that their baby sleeps very well in it. I know they’re expensive, but hopefully it’ll be worth it. We looked at them when we had Frugal Baby but couldn’t justify the cost. In hindsight, I wish we’d got one the first time!


Secondly, we’ve been looking at an alternative to the Moses basket we had with Frugal Baby. He didn’t like going in it at all when he was a newborn; he much preferred going to sleep on either one of us. It wasn’t ideal, especially at night when we tried to transfer him into it. I’ve been looking at co-sleepers, where the baby would be much closer to us but still in his own space? I really like the look of this one, plus it’ll fit at the side of our bed easily. But again, look at the cost! Why are baby things so expensive?!


I’m thinking of potentially trying to give myself a challenge to help with the money side. Maybe trying to sell enough things on ebay/Facebook to earn enough money to buy some of the things? That might be a big motivation and would help with the finances. In fact, it might just be the push I need!


What about you? What have you been focusing on lately? 


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