Every month I like to set myself aims for the month, to keep myself focused and to make sure I actually use the time during the month wisely! There are two sets of aims: Finance and Personal.

Financial aims for June:

– Have 18 No Spend Days (or NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by £350

– Put £600 into savings

I’ll do a separate post on how I work my NSDs and the system I use to make sure I can meet my target for these every month. It’s very simple and straightforward, and I believe it’s one of the ways I can keep our finances so tight during the working week. Our mortgage interest is just over £300, so if we overpay £350 it means we pay off the interest every month and a little more on top. I know there’s a very mixed response to paying your mortgage off or not, and I think I’ll probably do a post on that in the not-too-distant-future explaining our decision. Lastly, I’ve raised our savings up to £600 for this month; both me and my husband’s income every month combined isn’t massive, but I’m hoping to increase our savings bit by bit each month so we can start to feel the effect of those ASAP.

Personal Aims:

– lose 5lbs

– bake at least twice

– have a date night with the hubby

Although the second aim here might cancel out the first, it’s still going on the list. I’m in the process of making our lifestyle more healthy, by eating more healthy foods and doing more exercise. I’m still working on the exercise bit, but it is a challenge after all! I enjoy baking but haven’t done that much recently, mainly due to time constraints but I want to make more time for me this month, as well as balancing work commitments in the mix. And, last but definitely not least, a date night with the husband. A date night  doesn’t necessary mean going out and spending, it just means a night together having a relax. It might mean going out – I’ve not decided!

Do you have any aims for this month? What will challenge you the most? I’d love to hear from you!

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