You might have noticed that posts have become a little less frequent here of late, plus I have been changing aims and focus a bit. Of course, early retirement and creating passive income is always going to be the main aim around here. However, some things might make the path slightly more bumpy!


After having the confirmation that everything is going as it should at the moment, I can finally share this with you; I’m pregnant!


I am due at the end of December, which might make the holidays interesting 🙂 I think we’re going to find out this time whether we’re having a boy or a girl. We didn’t with Frugal Baby and that was the right choice at the time. However, I want to know this time! It helps in a practical sense, if nothing else. I am also feeling better in this pregnancy than I did in the last. Last time I had constant nausea but this time it isn’t constant, which I’m very grateful about.


Obviously this is going to have an impact on our finances when I’m on maternity leave. We managed well last time, but it might be trickier this time with a toddler in tow as well. Frugal Baby doesn’t quite understand what is happening yet, I don’t think. We’ve been reading this book at bedtime, and it’s so lovely. He points to my tummy now though, so perhaps he does!


I’m so excited and happy about this, plus I’m glad I can share it with everyone 🙂 again, change is afoot and I can’t wait!


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