Way back in September, I wrote a post about wanting to change things here at The Frugal Cottage. I spoke about wanting to change directly, make things more personal and share more about our lives in relation to our finances.


But, it feels so daunting.


As soon as you put a face to a name, so to speak, things change. Both in a positive and negative way.


Positively, you can see the person behind the blog. You can see who is behind the words (hi!). You can see whose life this is all about. I can show the impact of our decisions directly has on our finances. The Ultimate Dream Fund continues to grow, so you can see how our own journey is going, through the posts.


So, this is me!


I’m Nicola, aged 30 (just!) and I write here at The Frugal Cottage. I have a beautiful baby boy (more on him in a minute!) who takes up the majority of my time 🙂 I absolutely love being a mum and I’m hoping to share some of the things we do to keep costs down.


5 random facts about me:

  • I love reading. Absolutely love it. My current read is this book about Hygge though I also love crime thrillers. Peter May is a favourite.
  • I’m short. 5 foot 2 to be exact. I used to hate being short but now it doesn’t bother me. The only time it is annoying is when I’m trying to buy jeans or trousers and struggle to get them short enough.
  • I’m a fan of being comfy. As soon as I get home I change into lounge wear. Something comfy and cosy to wear. Nothing worse than being in restrictive clothing!
  • I love food. All food. There are very few food items that I dislike. That being said, I really don’t like oysters.
  • I play multiple musical instruments. Piano is my main instrument, but I can play various others. I love music and am very grateful I am able to play them.


The reason why we are doing all this, as I seem to mention often, is to spend more time with our family. To spend time together. Creating memories and enjoying experiences. There are so many things I want to do/achieve! One of the biggest motivators in this journey is our gorgeous boy, known as Frugal Baby on here.


Introducing Alfie!


He is my whole world. To see him grow and experience new things continuously is a joy. Although, his new talent of climbing things in the living room isn’t particularly fun…! We had a particularly stressful time when he was first born, with two hospital re-admitions within the first month. But, he continues to thrive. He is also a very cheeky chap with a mischievous side to him. He laughs when I tell him no at the moment, which isn’t great!


His favourite things at the moment are:

  • In The Night Garden. He loves it and gets so excited when it’s on the tv. He got both the Pinky Ponk and the Ninky Nonk toys for Christmas.
  • Food. Pretty much any food. He’s like his mum! He especially loves his porridge with fruit at breakfast time.
  • Climbing things. Not the best habit I suppose, but he is enjoying his mobility more and more.


So, this is me! Feel free to ask any questions if you have any. I have struggled to write this post as I’m not very good at talking about myself!

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