I cannot believe that 2016 is almost over; it has been a year of incredible highs and lows. The Frugal Cottage has continued to grow and I am loving every moment of it. I am hoping that 2017 will be even better in terms of growing my own business, but for now, I am looking back at 2016.


So, I thought I would share with you, my lovely readers, the top 10 most viewed posts on The Frugal Cottage for 2016.


10. How Much Does Your Job Cost You? I wrote this just after returning to work from maternity leave, and was surprised at the cost of going to work each day. If you work it out, each year you work your job can cost you a substantial amount.


9. 5 Easy Ways To Spend Less. This was actually written in October 2015, but still is a popular post on my site. A lot of search engine traffic brings visitors to this post, so hopefully new readers are getting useful tips.


8. How To Start Meal Planning When You Don’t Know Where To Start. Written in October this year, this post has been popular right from first posting. Again, a lot of search engine traffic brings people to The Frugal Cottage relating to meal planning, so this post fits right in there.


7. Why Everyone Should Be Aiming For Early Retirement. I wrote this post back in September 2015 after being featured in a UK newspaper. It continues to be popular, with lots of traffic from Pinterest for this post. I still agree with everything I have written in this!


6. This One Simple Trick Will Save You Over £100 A Month! Written in June this year, after having numerous conversations with people about it, this post has proved very popular, especially on Facebook. It’s such a simple thing to implement, try it!


5. The Pay Yourself Rule + Why It Works. I wrote this post all the way back in June 2015 but it continues to be well viewed here on The Frugal Cottage. Related to savings and putting yourself first to achieve your goals, it brings quite a bit of traffic from Pinterest.


4. Why I’m Aiming To Save 50% Of Our Income. Whenever I mention this percentage of savings to anyone, they can hardly believe it. And whilst I have not actually managed to save that magical number very often, it’s something I am still aiming to consistently achieve. This was written in May 2015 but still very relevant today!


3. Dividend Income. This is a page on my blog, rather than a post, but one of the most popular posts this year. I only started dividend investing this year, so it’s quite a new post. However, I update it every month and I am quite proud of my progress!


2. Deprivation Is Not Part Of The Journey. I wrote this post back in July after being on a local radio station. I think people believe we hardly do anything in order to achieve our goals, but this is so far from the truth. This was then luckily enough featured on a very popular American personal finance blog, plus on Lifehacker, so it has brought a lot of traffic to The Frugal Cottage this year. One of my favourite posts I have written, to date.


And at number 1… 5 Simple Living Blogs You Should Be Reading. Written way back in July 2015, this has been a very popular post since it went live and has continued to be so all year. I really should update it as well as two of the blogs that I feature are actually no longer updated.


So, there you have it! The top 10 posts viewed on The Frugal Cottage this year. Thank you so much for reading; I am very grateful for every single view of my blog.


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