As someone who is always looking to increase income and be more money-savvy, I thought I’d do a new series about boosting your income with a variety of ways. Even little amounts every month can add up and make a real difference to a budget. With some simple changes to your internet browser and just a little thought beforehand, you can earn £100s of extra income without costing you anything! Today’s post looks at Swagbucks.


Swagbucks is a referal website where you collect ‘swag bucks’ which you collect and then redeem them for gift vouchers for places like Amazon, Marks and Spencer, Starbucks, John Lewis and Pizza Express. Or, you can choose to receive a Paypal payout; it’s up to you to choose.


I joined Swagbucks a few years ago and typically choose to get Amazon vouchers which we use to buy gifts at Christmas time. I’ll be honest, when I first joined I spent a lot of time earning Swagbucks, but generally tend to use the search engine option only these days, but there are lots of ways to earn swag bucks so that you can earn vouchers every month, if you want. Between me and Mr FC, we’ve had over £100 worth of Amazon vouchers, which has been very handy when buying Christmas presents.

Boost Income Swagbucks

Here are some ways to earn swag bucks:

  • Start with the Daily Poll and NOSO (Non Obligation Special Offers) which you can do every day; these will bag you 3 swag bucks.
  • Download the search engine bar and install it in your browser. Now, when you search something, you are searching via Swagbucks. This is how I earn the majority of my swag bucks now, through searching for things I’d be searching for anyway! These can add up pretty quickly, all for doing something you would be doing anyway.
  • Daily Survey: the amount of swag bucks you can earn per survey varies, but typically are around 40 swag bucks a time. You can be screened out of these, but they are easy to complete and shouldn’t take too long.
  • Play: on Swagbucks there are some games you can play, which sporadically give you 2 swag bucks every so often; I like to play the dinosaur one whilst I’m watching the tv at the same time as it’s simple to do yet the points add up over time.
  • Swagbucks TV: in the same thread as the games, there are little tv clips you can watch on a variety of topics. You have to watch 10 clips to earn 3 swag bucks, but again, this can add up over time.
  • If you reach your Daily Goal everyday you also get a bonus. If you meet your Daily Goal for so many days at a time, there’s an additional bonus. So, if you meet your Daily Goal for 7 days in a row, you earn an additional 25 swag bucks.


I’m almost at the point where I can claim another £15 Amazon voucher (which is 2,525 swag bucks) which will go into our Christmas savings pot. Not too shabby for spending so little extra time to earn a few points.


There are referral links in this article; if you choose to join up via my link, I’ll earn some additional swag bucks!

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