Some people seem to have a lot of luck making money doing online surveys. Although they don’t pay a great deal – no one ever got mega rich just by completing surveys – they can add a good amount to your income over the year. Most of them you can collect points by completing surveys, which then can be exchanged for a variety of things, such as direct cash in Paypal, to vouchers for Amazon, B&Q, Boots, Marks and Spencer and Starbucks. It is up to you what you decide to get for your time!


There are quite a few online survey sites you can join and then you will be periodically invited to complete surveys. You won’t always be accepted for all of the ones you start, but you do get screened out of them quickly if they’re not suitable for you.


These are the main ones:


The best way to use these sites is to be able to complete surveys quickly; the shorter the time you spend answering questions the better. You do need to check fairly frequently to see if there are any new surveys for you to complete, as most of them are only open for a specific time period.


I find the best time to complete surveys is when I’m sat watching tv; I’m probably already on my laptop doing blog related stuff so I check to see if there’s any new surveys there whilst I’m at it. I don’t spend too much time on these, but if I’m not doing much, I might as well be earning some points!


Do you use survey sites? Have I missed any out? I’d love to hear from you!

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