How is August over already?! It’s been such a lovely month. I’ve been on holiday for the entire time so I’ve had lots of time to spend with Frugal Baby.  It was his second birthday at the start of the month and we celebrated it with family. He still isn’t quite aware what it means, though he definitely has the hang of opening presents. It was lovely to see him surrounded by the people who love him.


We also got to find out that Frugal Baby #2 is also a boy! I can’t wait to see them playing together. Having games with tractors and trains. Learning from each other. I just hope they go along! I have bought a couple of little outfits for him, though we saved everything from last time so in terms of clothing we need relatively little.


I must admit I am looking forward to the cooler months. My favourite time of year is Winter! I love it when the evenings get darker, the big jumpers come out and you spend time indoors. I’ve always been like that, I suppose 🙂


My Financial aims for August were:

– Have 15 No Spend Days (NSDs)

– Overpay our mortgage by £50

– Put £700 into savings


I’m so close to my NSDs aim! I knew it would be difficult as I’ve been off work all month and we’ve been out and about doing things. I even reduced my target to take this into account. Even then, I haven’t quite made it. I have managed 14 NSDs this month, so nearly there. Maybe next month…! I managed a slightly bigger overpayment month than previous months. Overpaying is taking a backseat but it is nice to see our mortgage balance go down every month. I have overpaid £41.44 this month, so again, nearly my aim. Finally, and had I realised this before writing this post that I was so close, I would have transferred over more! I transferred £698.59 into savings. How ridiculously close! Still, pleased with that given how much we seem to have spent recently.


My Personal Aims For August were:

– be in bed by 10pm every night

– list 10 things on ebay

– sort out my wardrobe and either keep/charity/ebay/throw out stuff


I might as well start by saying I’ve not managed to do any of these. Sleep in our household is scarce, as in Frugal Baby isn’t the biggest fan. We’ve moved him from a cot to a toddler bed and the transition hasn’t gone well. He hasn’t always been asleep by 10pm so I definitely haven’t been in bed by that time. And even though I have had more time, I haven’t managed to get anything listed or sort out my clothes.


The top 3 posts on The Frugal Cottage during August were:


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How has August been for you? What has been the best thing that’s happened to you this month?


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