As an adult in a busy world, it is easy to become overwhelmed with life. There can be so many things happening at once, so many things to remember and so many things to deal with. The result of that is feeling stressed and anxious.


Feeling stressed about things mean that your mood changes. You become more worried about things and then more stressed in turn. Little things that you would normally be able to deal with then become bigger things and then suddenly they become too big to deal with. Stress makes things hard to deal with. According to research, nearly half of adults feel stressed every day or every few days.  Further on in that article, 26% of adults said that money was the main cause of stress. 26%! That’s mad. I wonder if it’s because people are in debt, live beyond their means and generally trying to keep up with the Joneses.


I work in a busy environment where it can quickly become overwhelming if things aren’t considered in a systematic way. The 5 things that make me stressed are:

1) People who make things harder than they need to be. I am quite an organised person and deal with things in step-by-step way for the most efficient results. I hate it when other people over-complicate things and then projects take even longer. Don’t make things harder for yourself!

2) People who make a drama out of anything. Seriously, some people are not having a good day if there isn’t a drama going on somewhere. Being over the top and over-dramatic about something small is definitely one of my pet hates, as it normally means the “drama” then needs sorting, resulting in less time to complete other tasks.

3) When there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. You know those days, where you can work as hard as you can but still never get everything copleted? I hate those days, because I know then that I either have to take the work home to get finished, or the next day is going to be even busier with more work added to the mix. Sometimes things happen which are unavoidable and your time is needed elsewhere, not getting enough done is not a good feeling.

4) Unexpected expenses that keep cropping up meaning the budget has to be re-jigged. Some months lots of little, unexpected expenses seem to crop up during the month which means you inevitably spend more than intended. I hate it when this happens because it’s normally something outside of my control and it means my budget is not as good as it should be. Please say someone else feels this!

5) Getting half way to work and then not being sure I’ve turned my straighteners off/locked the front door/shut the window etc. I hate this feeling when I’m driving to work and all of a sudden I think “did I turn my straighteners off?” or “I did lock the front door, right?” Most of the time I know I have, and I’m just being daft, but sometimes I genuinely cannot remember. Luckily, when I get to work, my husband is most likely still at home so I just ring him to make sure. But still, the thought makes me stressed!


There are other things I could have put, but then I wondered if some of them were more annoyances than things that stress me. The pressures of work can be stressful, friendships can be stressful, as can family. Day to day life can be stressful, especially if it’s nearing the end of the week and tiredness is setting in.


Friday’s post is going to focus on techniques I apply to de-stress or to lessen the stress I feel. I’d like some more input on that post if you could? What is one thing you do to de-stress? I’ll add it to the post!


Do you agree with any of mine? Is there something else that stresses you? I’d love to hear from you! 


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