I spend a lot of my spare time reading blogs online and one area of the blogsphere that I am spending more and more time in is the simple living hemisphere. As someone who is constantly trying to simplify our lives and slow down on the everyday things that make our lives, there are some simple living blogs out there that explore the virtues and benefits of a more simple life. I honestly believe that the 21st century is often a stressful, pressured world where time seems to fly by without much warning. As such, slowing down and appreciating the here and now is even more important. Taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is important, and there are many blogs out there that showcase this kind of lifestyle wonderfully.


Here are 5 of my favourite simple living blogs:


1) Creative Countryside. A blog written by Eleanor, who is also a friend in real life who I’ve known for a few years. Her posts offer seasonal insights into living life in the moment, savouring experiences and appreciating nature around us. The seasonal eating posts that Eleanor regularly posts are incredibly helpful for knowing what to buy in season, to reduce costs and buying more local produce. Recent post –  Free Online Workshop: How To Slow Things Down In 3 Simple Steps


2) Down To Earth. Written by Rhonda, this vast blog covers a whole multitude of topics, from simple living, home cooking and sustainability, to homemaking, budgeting and self reliance. With life very much focused around the home, there are everyday life posts, recipes to try and crafts to wonder over. Plus, they have the most fantastic, productive garden! Her everyday life seems so relaxed and productive, though I know that it probably isn’t all of the time, yet achievable by everyone if you want it badly enough. Recent post – Pruning The Lemon Tree 

Simple Living Blogs

3) House of Humble. Although posts have slowed somewhat recently due to a new arrival in their household, Kate and Reuben write this homely blog from a lovely little house in Victoria, Australia. With their simple living lifestyle and adorable pets, they seem to have a simple yet frugal existence in their little patch of land. Their vast array of posts offer advice on simple living, growing your own and captivating pictures, this is an inspiring place. Recent post – Letting Go 


4) Light by Coco. A slightly different type of blog to the others mentioned, Coco writes a minimalist blog with many helpful Youtube videos to explain and demonstrate her point. A couple who live in a tiny apartment, with a very specific, thought-through attitude to possessions, this definitely makes me want to have a big declutter and keep things to a minimum. Recent post – Makeup & Nail Polish Collection

5) Our New Life In The Country. A blog written by Sue, who has moved to a new place in the countryside, and follows their journey in their new life, complete with lots of pictures of their adorable pets. Posts about growing your own and living a simple life are the norm, along with keeping chickens and minimising waste, there is lots of to learn from Sue and her lifestyle. Recent post – How Do You Grow Food? 


What are your favourite simple living blogs to read? 

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