Weekends are a time for slowing down, savouring the time available and spending time with loved ones. There was a time where I thought weekends were all about spending money, going out and wasting the hours. I used to spend a fortune by just going into town on a Saturday, wandering about the shops and buying things I didn’t need.


I didn’t appreciate the freedom the weekend brings.


Now, I love my weekends. I enjoy a lazy, indulgent breakfast whilst I catch up on the news. I spend time with family and friends, listen to their stories and recap on the week gone by. I research new recipes, catch up on ย my favourite blogs and do housework. In short, I do things that I enjoy, I savour the time I have and I am more productive as it’s my choice.


I also don’t spend a lot.ย 


Here are 5 free things to do at theย weekend:

1) Read a book. Support your local library and get some books out. I love sitting in our conservatory reading a book in the peace and quiet. It doesn’t cost me anything and I love reading.

2) Go for a walk/bike ride. Explore the outside space near your home and get some exercise at the same time. Me and my husband quite often go for walks and I sometimes go for a bike ride when I’m feeling up to it. We get to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors. It makes you appreciate where you live more as well.

3) Play a game! Cards, Scrabble and Monopoly are our favourites. Although, I always seem to lose at Scrabble so maybe not that. But, again, it’s a fun, free activity you can play at home. I like Monopoly as it involves money, but any board game or card game is good.

4) Have a dance/sing off! Get your best tunes on loud (but not too loud if you’ve got neighbours) and have ย sing-a-long and a dance. There’s nothing better than blasting out some good music and joining in. Plus, if you dance too, you’re exercising at the same time! Get on YouTube for Music and it’s all good. Feel free to share some song suggestions in the comments below!

5) Find some new, frugal recipes. As a massive food person, I love reading food blogs online and finding new recipe that sound tempting. This will cost whenever you make them, but finding inspirations and looking through blogs with recipes on is free. Frugal Feeding is a good one for cheap, tasty looking food.


So there you have it – my 5 free things to do at the weekend.


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