As someone who is trying to live a frugal lifestyle, and get my money to go as far as it possibly can, there are certain traits I think I have that make me a frugal person. Living frugally means I can have a good life that I can afford, but it doesn’t mean sacrificing lots to get there. It means getting the best within a budget.

 Frugal Person Traits

10 ways to know you’re a frugal person:

1) You prefer quality over quantity. Living a frugal life means making the best of everything, and having a lot of stuff is not necessary better. Getting something that’s of a better quality, and therefore will last longer, is better. Even more so if it’s a bargain in the first place!

2) You shop around before buying anything. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, or the weekly shop, you check online at the offers before stepping out of the door. After all, you don’t want to end up paying more than you should!

3) You actually enjoy “brown bagging” it. Taking your own lunch to work rather than relying on the canteen is a good thing for you. It’s cheaper and better for you anyway – win!

4) You buy food items in bulk, but only if you use them regularly. Buying in bulk is only effective if you buy things that you use regularly, so that they don’t end up going off. But, it’s an effective stately for saving money if used right!

5) You know that expiration dates can be taken with a pinch of salt. Milk doesn’t magically go off the day after the expiration date on the carton. Do the smell test here – if it smells okay, it’ll taste okay* Food definitely doesn’t need to be wasted just because of a small printed number on the front of a package.**

6) You live in a house just the right size. No McMansions here – it’s not necessary for a frugal lifestyle to have a massive house. Where would the value be in that? Plus, a smaller house means less energy bills, less stress and less things to go wrong.

7) You like shopping in thrift stores. Some of the best furniture deals are in second hand or thrift stores, especially if you’re willing to do a bit of work on them. We’ve got a sideboard in our house that we get in a seconds shop, all because one of the shelves was missing inside. One of the best purchases we’ve ever made!

8) You know where your local library is, and use it. Lots of people wouldn’t know where their local library is but it’s such a valuable resource. So many free books in so many genres. Free internet and the daily papers. Audio books and dvds are also there. What more could you want?

9) You don’t go overboard at giving times. No huge piles of Christmas presents under this tree. You give accordingly and give more thoughtful gifts, things that are useful rather than the latest gadget that’ll be outdated in three months time.

10) You enjoy being at home! There’s nothing better than staying at home on a Saturday night with a homemade meal, drink and company. Maybe some candles burning, film on the box and a cup of hot chocolate to finish with. No nights out until 3am here – couldn’t think of anything worse.


Do you agree with these? Have I missed anything out? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


* within reason, use your common sense here…

** I have a friend who throws everything out that is in her fridge if it’s past its expiration date. WITHOUT even checking! It drives me mad as it’s so wasteful.

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