Me and my husband have just got back from an amazing trip in Canada and America (more on that in another post!) and it has made me question some of our priorities and what’s important. This is a somewhat reflective post.


When interested in finance and having multiple goals around money, it’s easy to forget to live our life in the process. Sometimes it can be counting the days until the next payday, so I can update our spreadsheets, see how we are with our goals for the month/year and adjusting accordingly.


I find money can sometimes take over our life, and not in a good way.


We have just been on vacation for 16 days, travelling around Canada and America. It was a trip we had booked a while ago, and as someone who had never been to either Canada or America, I was very excited about the trip. We set a budget, which we hoped we would be able to stick to whilst we were there, including treats. We did not want to miss out on anything we might want to do whilst away. We wanted to create lasting memories.


The thing with money is that it can come and go. Yes, it is critical to have some money so that you can live your life, but it is not the means to everything. Memories are so important. Memories are things you can treasure for ever, you can share with other people and change who you are as a person. Experiences with others can change how you look at the world, how you perceive others and help you grow as a human being. Memories and stories are things you can share with your grandchildren, your friends and family, the people in your yoga class.


It is important to live your life and make memories along the way. It is important to share your life with others. It is important to cherish these moments. Life is short and time passes quickly. I’m determined to make as many memories as I can whilst I’m here.


Make life count.


Do you agree? What’s a special memory of yours you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you! 


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