What Motivates You?

I was having a conversation with someone at work recently about work in general and future plans. We were talking about where we’d like to be in 5 years time and what it might take to get there. I love having these types of conversations as it’s a topic that tends to get people more enthusiastic, it can lead to interesting conversations and it can also tell you much more about a person by what they wish for.


After a while, this work colleague asked me “what motivates you to keep to your plan so that you’ll make it?” and it got me thinking, what is it that keeps people on the straight and narrow, and why is it that so many people never make their dream?


I guess it’s partly hard work; chasing dreams takes a lot of energy and time and you do have to be very focussed on the end result. Many people struggle with the journey to something, they want the end result now rather than taking the time to get there. Sometimes, this can be the hardest part! Keeping in mind that the little things you do now have a big impact on what you get later is a big part of the success.


I then started thinking about what motivates me personally so that we can live the life we want to. Even if we don’t quite manage our ideals in the end, I will know at least that I have tried my hardest and even if we don’t totally succeed in the end, we’ll be in a m uch better position than if we had never tried at all.


I do it for a better future. Everything we do in the present impacts on the type of future we will have. No one knows what will happen in the future nor how long one will be on earth for, but it is better to plan for your future from the get go. Small sacrifices now (which sometimes don’t even feel like a sacrifice at all!) will pay dividends later on in life.


I want to be a better person. We are constantly learning and changing as people; it’s a necessity to growing older and wiser. My patience and expertise are tested on a daily basis, but I think I have confidently say that most days, I have much more patience thatI used to. That helps with my day job, as it doesn’t make me feel so stressed when I’m there. I also want to help others, by offering my support and guidance where I can. This motivates me to be a better person.


I want to be able to give back. This is a complex one for me, as it has multiple meanings. I want to be able to give back to my family, whether that be in time, support or monetary value should they need it. I’ve spoken before about my wonderful family and it would be lovely to give more back to them. I’d also like to give back to society, perhaps in the shape of workshops about budgeting and the simple life, or volunteering in a local food bank or homeless shelter. Volunteering is definitely on my “bucket list” of things I want to do in life.


I want my time to be my own. We all know how much time and energy takes up. So much of my life is taken up by working full time at the moment, which is a necessity until we’re in a better financial position, which probably won’t be for a long time. I cannot wait until the time comes when my time is my own, and I can choose what I do with it, because the pressures of needing to earn an income have diminished. We only get so much time on Earth, and the sooner I’m in better control of that the better. I want my freedom.


A bit of a different post today but these are the things that motivate me.


What motivates you? 

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