You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted as frequently recently. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, we’ve transferred Frugal Baby to a toddler bed and it isn’t going well. He absolutely loves it – we’ve got him this bedding set as he loves anything with wheels – but getting him to sleep in it? Another story. He hasn’t gone to sleep before 10PM any night this week so far. He has woken up multiple times during the night too, and then has taken quite a while to go back to sleep. Fun!


Secondly, and I hinted this at my post last week, is that I am lacking my blogging mojo at the moment. I don’t know whether it’s the summer or the lack of sleep playing a part, but I’m just not feeling it, you know? It also doesn’t help that we have had a couple of expensive months lately and so my savings aren’t where they should be. I keep feeling that I’m writing about early retirement, but I’m not doing as well as I could be.


It keeps coming back to success. And just what is success, anyway?


I think society defines success as something very specific. You do well at school, get a good job, make lots of money, retire at 65 and then done. You’re a success!


However, what about all the little successes along the way? Things like getting up, dressed and sorted before 9am. It’s taking the time out when you need it. It’s the cuddles and loving moments you have from others. It’s making a cake and enjoying it. It’s going out for lunch and having fun.


Aren’t all these things successes, really? After all, there seems little point in success if it doesn’t make you happy along the way. There is no point in achieving big things if, deep down, they don’t contribute to your own happiness.


Again, comparing yourself to others isn’t helping. We are all at different parts of the journey. Some are further along than others. Success means different things to different people too. Whatever defines success for you is success. No matter what other people think.


I love setting goals to ensure that I make the best use of time. That I achieve things. No matter how small. Things like NSDs, saving goals, personal goals. Little successes along the way. My July aims are just that, goals to achieve throughout the month. If I meet them all, then surely I’m a success? But, if I don’t meet them all does that mean I’ve failed? I used to think so, but of course not. I’m still trying my best.


I think that we are all successful, in our own ways. Whether that’s through home life, jobs, side hustles or anything else. Hobbies, giving back, helping others. It’s all success!


What little successes have you been celebrating lately? 


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