I have been quieter on the blogging front lately, slower to answer questions and emails, and that’s all to do with one thing…


On Friday 7th August our son arrived into the world!


Although the delivery wasn’t what I had hoped for or planned, the main thing is that me and the little one are generally okay. The only slight sticking point to proceedings is that we were re-admitted to hospital on Sunday as baby has lost too much weight since being born so needs to have extra feeds and close monitoring. We hope to be back home by the weekend so keep your fingers crossed!


It is amazing just how instantaneously your life changes when you become a parent; no longer are your needs a top priority and the worry that started in pregnancy only intensifies as all you want is the best for your child. I’ll be honest, tracking our spending has gone out of the window a bit, especially since being back in hospital, though I know we haven’t spent much. It almost doesn’t seem important at the moment: all of my energy is going into trying to get our baby boy back on track.


The other, wonderful thing to have come out of this is the warmth and support of our family and friends. So many cards have been sent along with a few gifts, messages of support and well wishes for a speedy recovery and general love and affection from many people. It is times like this that matter so much over any material possession any day.


So, posting may be slightly less until we get home and a bit more sorted, but thought I’d share our news with you all.

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