Happy Sunday! I haven’t done a Weekend Edition post since last November. How long ago is that!? In fact, the last one I did was important, as I had just found out my Grandma had passed away. I wanted to write something that day. Things have changed a lot since then.


We haven’t done much this week really. We took Frugal Baby to get his hair cut on Friday but it didn’t go to plan, at all! He’s only had his hair cut twice before and we managed. This time, he was having none of it. He wouldn’t sit in the chair and got really upset straight away. The hairdresser couldn’t get anywhere near him! So, we tried ourselves at home but to no avail either. Has anyone got any suggestions on to how to make this better? He really needs his hair cutting somehow :/


I also can’t believe it’s nearly the end of August already. How is that even possible? It feels like it’s gone by so quickly. I’m not sure I’m ready for September in some ways. I’m 22 weeks pregnant and can feel the baby move quite often now. I had forgotten how wonderful that feels. I know that time will continue to pass by, faster than ever. I need to do some listing on ebay to go towards some of the things we want to buy for bump #2 🙂


5 things I’ve enjoyed/been grateful for this week:

1) Listening to Frugal Baby say “yes pease and thank q” 🙂

2) Whittard’s White Hot Chocolate is so amazing. I’m limiting myself as it’s quite expensive!

3) Carrot cake is my current pregnancy craving – so tasty.

4) Afternoon naps; a necessity at the moment.

5) Having such supportive family and friends around us.



3 blog posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

1) Why I Fell Out Of Love With Shopping by The Daisy Pages. A great read about a change in attitude towards shopping.

2) Wagamama Style Gyoza by Savvy In Somerset. I love these so I’m definitely going to be trying these out!

3) Can You Really Pay Off Debt By Blogging? by From Pennies To Pounds. A great post about how earning money online can help you pay off debts.


And, in case you’ve missed them, these are the topics I’ve posted about this week:

The No Spend Month Challenge

The No Spend Month Challenge: Planned vs Impulse Spends


What have you enjoyed reading this week? Any plans for the week ahead? I’d love to hear about it! 


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