One of the important things I talk about on this blog is making memories, gaining experiences and having a good time, whilst on a budget. I think that, although we are focusing on early retirement and therefore savings/investments, having a good life along the way as equally important. This is a different type of post for the blog, but I’m hoping you’ll like it!


Last week, my and my husband travelled to Malton Food Festival, held in the town of Malton in North Yorkshire. There is a variety of things to do, whether that’s watching food demonstrations, walking round the food stalls, eating from the multitude of eateries, or just taking in the atmosphere. As soon as we arrived, there was a bird of prey tent with lots of different owls and other birds, which were very impressive.


We got the wrists bands which meant that we could go to any of the food demonstrations we wanted; we saw one which made a gorgeous Moroccan inspired flatbread topped with lamb, served with a greek salad on the side. There was the option to have a taste of this at the end of the demonstration, and I’ve never seen my husband move so fast! He said it was very tasty, and I took some notes about the recipe. Another one we went to used to locally grown asparagus, which is currently in season Β in the UK, served with belly pork and potatoes in an asparagus and mint pesto.


The rest of our time was spend meandering through the stalls, taking in the smells and views of all the wonderful homemade food on offer. Local foods, and foods are further afield were on offer and lots of testers were on the stalls too, which is always a bonus! There were cookery lessons on offer as well, though we didn’t do any of those, plus some talks with different chefs. The setting is also picturesque, set in the town centre with a brass band playing. The weather was glorious too, so we had a lovely day.


Here are some pictures I snapped (with my iPhone), although it appears I was very taken with all of the brownie/cake stalls!













I think we were quite restrained with our spending; we bought a huge jar of olives, some Wensleydale cheese with chocolate and orange (surprisingly very good!), a loaf of sourdough and two cookies. Nothing major, but everything was so tasty. The olives are from Greece (as you can see from the picture above) and went really well with the sourdough and cheese, which we had for our evening meal.


I recommend that if you get chance to go to Malton Food Festival next year, you should! We had such a lovely day out, with good food. What more can you want from life?


This isn’t a sponsored post, I just wanted to share a lovely day out with you all!Β 

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