Another month over means another Ultimate Dream Fund update 🙂 I’ve been thinking about whether or not to continue this as a monthly post next year? I’m not sure who they are particularly helpful for apart from me! Are they something you enjoy reading? I might change it so I do savings updates once a quarter, rather than every month. Let me know!


This month has been an interesting one, as it’s been quite a volatile one for my investments. It is difficult to log in each day and see such varying numbers! But, it’s a long term thing so I need to keep some perspective 🙂 it doesn’t matter until the day you sell, after all.


As I’ve said previously, our Ultimate Dream Fund is named because it is our dream to retire early, and we need the funds to make that happen! One day, this fund will provide us with the money to live on when we leave our 9-5 jobs and time will be all ours. That’s the biggest motivator for achieving our goal. Being able to spend our time with our family is what we’re doing this for; there’s nothing more meaningful to us than that. As it comes every close to us being a two children household, I am wondering about the impact on our finances overall. I suppose we need to see it as another challenge!


The dividend income we received in November has already been reinvested so that it is working hard for us. A post will be up on Friday about what we received; it’s lower than some months, but the last months of the year, for me, are lower paying ones. Receiving dividends throughout the month means that I get multiple small pay checks each month. For doing nothing! I still love the dividend investing approach. Over time, the percentage reinvested will increase and so the amount needed to be saved from income will decrease, or we’ll be able to speed up the process! All of this is within my stocks and shares ISA which is with Hargreaves Lansdown. It is very easy to use and I’d definitely recommend them.


As of November 30th, our Ultimate Dream Fund looks like this:


Ah, look at that 🙁 the first time in a long time, there’s a red colour on there. A minus number. I’m so disappointed! I knew that during the month it was going to be touch and go, but at the end of November, I’m down on the previous month. In fact, this total is -£134.77 which is difficult to write. I put just over £500 into the fund during the month, so you can quite clearly see how that has gone….! I’m also still not over the £20,000 barrier, which is frustrating.


Finally, here is the progress since I started the Ultimate Dream Fund in June 2015:


How was November for your savings/investing targets?  


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