I love nothing more on a dark winter’s evening, then watching a Christmas movie. Even better if I am snuggled up on the sofa with a nice soft blanket and a hot chocolate. My lovely secret santa buddy has sent me this for Christmas, which is perfect for a Christmas movie night!


Although some Christmas movies are quite cheesy, I think that it doesn’t matter! I am looking forward to watching these with Frugal Baby when he is older though he’ll probably not want to watch them with me. Some of them are a bit girly and romantic so he’ll probably refuse ūüėČ


  Home Alone Рyou cannot have a Christmas movies list without this being on here. We watch this ever Christmas and I am looking forward to watching this with Frugal Baby soon!

¬†Miracle on 34th Street – a feel good film all about believing ūüôā do you believe?

 Love Actually РI love this romantic film. There are so many characters in it, but Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman are the best!

 A Christmas Story Рwhat would you do to get the present you wanted at Christmas?

¬†The Holiday – another romantic story with a feel good ending. I would love to live in the little cottage that Kate Winslet’s character has!

 Elf Рanother Christmas movie that you cannot not watch at Christmas time!

¬†Polar Express – Mr FC thinks that the animated characters are too human like, if that makes sense. However, I love the music in this and think it should be on everyone’s list!



 Santa Claus The Movie Рeven elves can be made redundant! See how he gets his own back.



 Scrooged Рa classic film about a Christmas carol and all it entails..

 Father Christmas Рmy all-time favourite Christmas movie. I love the grumpy Father Christmas portrayed in this. Plus, the music accompaniment is lovely.


We are hoping to have lots of relaxing days as a family over Christmas. It tends to be a busy time of year for everyone, but having a duvet day with a Christmas movie can let you escape for a while. I love watching movies anyway, so Christmas ones are perfect for this time of year.


What’s your favourite Christmas movie?


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