This week has been a complete contrast to the week before; I was back at work on Monday and the week itself seems to have gone by really slowly. Work has been fine, as I have been fairly organised and laid back about getting things done. Long may it continue! I think that after a break, you always go back to work feeling more refreshed and relaxed, though it’s hard to keep that feeling going all  of the time. It’s also been a bit of a worrying time as both of my grandparents have been ill this week. Thankfully they’re both getting better, slowly, but it’s always a worry when they get ill.

I mentioned recently that we are looking to buy a new car – to us – and I think we have found one that we like and is within our price range so that we can pay with cash. By the end of this month we have to pay the price and then we’ll get it in the middle of May. It’s definitely a bigger car than we have now, so it’ll probably take a big of getting used to! It’s 3 years old, so I’m hoping it’ll last us a long time.


5 things I’ve enjoyed/been grateful for this week:

1) I went to pregnancy yoga for the first time and found it really relaxing.

2) Feeling our baby move is the most amazing feeling ever.

3) I made this Mushroom and Chickpea stew for tea and it was really tasty!

4) Celebrating a family member’s birthday with all of the family – I’m lucky to be a part of it.

5) We’ve just started watching Fortitude and am loving it! Cannot work out what’s going on though.


5 blog posts I’ve enjoyed this week:

1) Dividend Growth Update – First Quarter 2015 by Dividend Mantra. An interesting look at growth over time, proof that the system works!

2) Escape Outdoors: The Beach by Creative Countryside. I love escaping to the beach, there’s not more relaxing than listening to the waves.

3) Lightened Up Whole Wheat Fettuccine Alfredo by Pinch of Yum. This looks so tasty! And a healthier version too – what’s not to love about that.

4) Important Money Lessons My Dad Taught Me by Making Sense of Cents. A lovely post about the lessons parents can pass on to their children.

5) Sweet Potato and Blue Cheese Filo Pie by Frugal Feeding. I have a bit of an obsession with sweet potato at the moment and this sounds so good!


And, in case you’ve missed them, these are the topics I’ve posted about this week:

How To Start A Stockpile – some tips to creating your own stockpile.

The Working Week Challenge – Week 5 – find out how my challenge is going as it reaches the end of week 5.


What have you enjoyed reading this week? Any plans for the week ahead? I’d love to hear about it! 

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