One of the things I have to remind myself of is that wanting more “stuff” does not validate my existence. Owning lots of things does not make me a better person. I am in danger of getting trapped in the cycle of more.


The trap of more is dangerous. The trap of having to keep up with the “more” aspect is even worse. And, at the moment, I’m definitely feeling the pressure. I’ll admit, I like bags. I own quite a few of them. Lately, I’ve found myself looking at quite expensive bags online (think £1,000 plus) and choosing shades and all sorts. Why? Why do I feel that buying things will make me more successful? Will having expensive things make me more liked by others?


Of course they won’t. This is how adverts make us feel. That is how celebrity endorsements make us feel. And, they are supposed to. Who doesn’t want to look like those celebrities, with their seemingly perfect lives, perfect bodies and beautiful outfits? I know I do. There are people who are paid a lot of money to make adverts that make you want the product. They make you desire the lifestyle that you cannot afford.


I do not need more things. Having more material possessions does not make me a better person. If I think my friends will be impressed by my excessive material possessions, I need to get new friends. The pressure to impress is less when you are free from the trap of more. This can lead to feeling more content with what you have, rather than sad about what you don’t.


And, of course, having more material possessions means spending more. Spending more means coming closer to not living within your means. Consumer debt can start of small but snowball out of control. Avoiding the trap of more means that debt is less likely.


So, do I need that expensive designer bag? No! I just need to remind myself of that at times.


Do you agree? Have you bought something expensive then regretted it? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 


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