I have been thinking a lot lately about how content I feel, how good life seems and how much I have to be thankful for. Now, this isn’t just a post for me to ramble on about how great I feel, nor how lucky I am to be in this place right now, but to look at why things are so positive at the moment.


I honestly think that it might be down to the power of positive thinking.


The first thing to focus on is having a positive frame of mind, or  positive outlook. This immediately starts you off on the right foot regardless of what you are trying to attempt. If you have a challenge, for example to retire early, then you have to be positive about the challenge and truly believe that you will be somewhat success in the end. By thinking positively about the challenge, the more likely you are about actually completing whatever the task is.


The power of positive thinking can also mean you attempt tasks in a different way, are more likely to persevere and eventually succeed, rather than giving up along the way. It can mean that you anticipate success and good fortunes, and that these will come your way.


It can mean that you say yes more.

Power Of Positive Thinking 2


Saying yes more means that you get to experience more! For me, saying yes to one thing has led to being in two national newspapers, on BBC radio and filmed for a big energy company, all because I said yes! This has meant that this year has been amazing so far, and all because I believe in the power of positive thinking. Yes, some things have been slightly daunting to say yes too, but having self belief and positivity about myself has meant that I have succeeded whereas I might have said no before.



Also, if you are a generally positive person and have a positive way of thinking, you meet other people of the same type. You get to meet new people who are also into the power of positive thinking and about saying yes to new opportunities that may come their way. Then, you are learning new skills and it helps you to learn and grow as a person.


I asked some UK personal finance bloggers to answer the question “how do you think the power of positive thinking helps your finances?” and here are their responses:


I feel that positive thinking helps your finances as having a positive frame of mind avoids negative thinking and in turn splurges! I avoid wasting money ‘cheering myself up’ by remembering how good my life is and how fortunate I am compared to other people around the World.

Katy, from katykicker.com


Positive thinking is very important when it comes to earning money as well. As a proof of that one of the reasons the Monthly Earnings Challenge does so well each month on TMS is the constant positive reinforcement give to users to help them achieve all they can.

Jon, from The Money Shed


Positive thinking and mindfulness of finances not only focuses your energies on the best outcome, it transforms your thinking and spending habits. The key to success is to be grateful for what you do have and never focus on a lack of money. If you lack money you will attract more lack, if you feel rich in life as well as financially you will attract more money, abundance and positive outcomes.

Emma, from The Coupon Queen


The power of positive thinking allows you to take the risks you want to take. If you believe in yourself you can change your world. I wanted to leave teaching and become self employed and having a positive mindset let me take the jump. Best thing ever and now I have financial freedom and have opened myself up to more opportunities. I left my salaried teaching job two years ago and now earn more have the right work life balance for me.

Emma, from Emma’s Savvy Savings


Positivity in life is essential. Surround yourself with the most positive/mindful and balanced folk and you will reach up for more and better. This relates to money, lifestyle, love…everything.

Lynn, from Mrs Mummypenny


Whatever we focus on, we see in our world. If you believe and focus on the lack of opportunity, you won’t see any it’s as simple as that. When I believed I didn’t have any spare money to save, I lived payday to payday. When I told myself I would never be able to own my own home, I got stuck in a rut of renting and never even considered the possibility of making changes to allow me to save money.
You can’t see every single thing around you, which means your reticular activation system (focus system of the mind) brings into focus what your thoughts are. If your thoughts are negative you will not allow yourself to make a change.

David, from Thinking Thrifty


I also think that people who genuinely believe in the power of positive thinking try to see the good in everything, no matter how small. True, some days that is much more difficult than others, but seeing the happiness in the little things will make your days seem much brighter. You also choose how you see the world; if you focus on your glass being half full rather than half empty, your day will be much better for it. There are always going to be challenges and sometimes set backs, but if you try and stay positive, you’ll soon overcome whatever is challenging you.


Lastly, with the power of positive thinking, you do what makes you happy! If there’s something you don’t want to do, then where possible, don’t do it. But, even the things that you find mundane or annoying will become less so, when you look at them with a more favourable light. This is a basic of the law of attraction; that positive thoughts breed positive results, no matter what the task!


If I put this into a personal finance perspective, to end on, I truly believe that we will be able to retire at 50, with an income and/or savings which are high enough to meet our needs. Yes, we are behind where we should be if you look at my latest Ultimate Dream Fund update, but I believe that we’ll make that up with time. I believe that we are living life to the full, and not depriving ourself through the course of this. I believe that living a frugal life has enormous benefits that outweigh everything else!


What about you? Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? 


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