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There are lots of paths to take during the journey that is called life, and ours is taking an exciting turn. I have hinted at this in quite a few ways on the blog already, in my 2015 goals, how to find the right mortgage for you and our new mortgage overpayment plan.


Me and my husband are very excited and happy to announce that our little family is growing, as I am pregnant!


I am due in late summer, and it cannot come round quickly enough. I know that we should be taking the time and enjoying the peace and quiet that we have now. But, as this little person grows inside me and I feel them moving and kicking, the more I want to meet this little person and experience the next chapter in our lives.


I’ll be honest, pregnancy wasn’t that easy to begin with. I had constant nausea (every hour, night and day) until around 17 weeks. It made wanting to eat anything difficult and remembering to eat regularly when I felt like I was going to be sick constantly was hard. Although, I was never actually sick so I should be thankful for that. Though when you’re waking up to go to the toilet at 3am in the morning and the waves of nausea hit, it wasn’t particularly pleasant. So glad that part of it is *touch wood* over.


What else I didn’t expect to feel was an all-consuming anxiety and pressure regarding growing another person. The fact that the responsibility is all mine, that if I do something wrong, something else might go wrong. Even after two scans, I still feel very anxious a lot, but I’m trying not to let it take over. I want to enjoy this time, this magical experience that me and my husband are very lucky to get the chance to experience.


So, in relation to my 2015, the fact that we’re saving for a newer, bigger car is the biggest change. We own a very small car which is perfect for the two of us, but will not fit a pram into the boot. So, we need to look at getting a bigger, new-to-us car before the baby arrives. I think our budget will be around £6,000 which is more than enough to buy a car that will suit our requirements. We don’t want, nor need, a big, shiny new car, but we need something to be more practical than our current one will allow.


The fact that we’ve changed our mortgage is to lower our outgoings to the minimum, so that maternity leave won’t be such a stretch. That’s also the reason why our overpayments, especially in the short term, will be lower. I haven’t made any start on any side hustles this year, and even though that’s one of my 2015 goals, I don’t know if I’ll actually manage to get anything started. I still want to, but as I’m frequently too tired to do anything much in the evening, I honest don’t know if I’ll manage. Lastly, the spare room that needs a new carpet (as per my April aims) is actually going to be the nursery!


We are both very excited about this new chapter in our lives. Although the summer seems ages away, I know that the time will be here before we know it, and our lives will be changed forever. I cannot wait. 

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