I’ll admit, I didn’t have Instagram for quite a while. I didn’t really see the point and I’m not the best at taking photographs. However, I am totally addicted to it now and can often be mindlessly scrolling away.


I follow a lot of different accounts on there, but lots of them have a similar theme. So, I thought I’d share some of my favourite and inspirational simple living Instagram accounts that you should follow:


  1. Creative Countryside. Eleanor is an friend from my uni days, but she’s also a blogger, publisher and has the most amazing Instagram account. The pictures of the countywide and the captures of nature are just perfect.
  2. A Bookish Baker. I love Helen’s photographs; they emulate just the kind of relaxing lifestyle I wish I had! Her baking posts especially make me wish to have cake, always.
  3. Zoe Lea. I love the Lake District and her pictures of the wild outdoors are just stunning.
  4. One Pleasant Day. Such an Autumnal feed at the moment, full of brown leaves and pumpkins. I love Carrie’s feed!
  5. Minimal Living. Lots of beautiful laid out flat lays, mainly consisting of coffee and blankets at the moment! Very cosy looking.


These are my favourite 5 at the moment. I wish I had more time to teach myself better photography skills [it’s on a very long to do list somewhere] and had the time to go outdoors and explore without trying to keep my two year old from climbing everything or running away in the process. One day!

Simple Living Instagram Accounts You Should Follow - The Frugal Cottage


I have an Instagram account too, though the pictures are nothing like these ones, if you want to have a follow.


What are your favourite Instagram accounts? I’m always looking for more to follow! 

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