There seems to be a common post amongst the personal finance blogsphere about the latte factor. The basis of the post is that you should cut out your morning lattes immediately, as they cost you too much. It then goes on to say that over time, these little expenses add up to quite a lot of money.


Now, I appreciate that little spends over and over add up to lots. And if you got a latte from a well known coffee chain each morning plus a croissant or other breakfast-y item, then it would cost you. If that is approx. £4 a day, which isn’t too much a stretch, then that’s £20 a week/£80 month/£960 a year approximately. Suddenly not so little, right?


However, I disagree with the posts about it. Although the principle behind it is fine, the overall point about takeaway coffee, for me, doesn’t work quite so well.


Firstly, little things don’t make biggest impact when it come to your budget. Sure, if you had breakfast out every morning, then that it itself isn’t a little thing anyway. This would be a different kind of conversation, though, depending on your budget there could still be room for that. However, a coffee once a week? Quite little. Probably accounts for 1% of the budget. Hardly going to make a big impact if you suddenly cut them out.


Secondly, there are lots of bigger items in your budget could go first, if needed. If you need to make your budget work better, then something that accounts for 1% of your budget, if not less, is not the thing to focus on. Things like gas/electricity, house insurance, car insurance, life insurance, grocery budgets, almost anything else could be cut down more significantly. All these things could make a big, more sustaining impact on your budget that a latte ever could.


Thirdly, there is enjoyment to be had in the little things. Humans beings are predisposed to want to enjoy things. Wouldn’t life be so dull if nothing was for enjoyment purposes only? I love going to a coffee shop and having that little time out with a nice coffee. In fact, I think that food and drink items would be one of the last things to be cut from my budget, if I’m entirely honest. I don’t go very often, but when I do I very much enjoy it. I shared this on Instagram yesterday, but this is a cortado I had out with a friend, and it was delicious! £2.35 well spent 🙂
latte factor


Finally, we all deserve treats! Life is tough, frustrating, tiring and hard. We all deserve little things that get us through. Something that makes you smile. Something that makes you sit and relax and something that you enjoy. We all deserve that, no matter who we are.


Whilst I’m talking about coffee, I feel like I should confess to something. Something that doesn’t fit in with being a frugal, money saving blogger! But, I own a coffee machine. I love it! It’s a pod coffee machine and I use it often. I buy the pods when they’re on offer, or in bulk. My favourites are these and these. But, when Frugal Baby has been up a lot during the night and I feel so tired to get through the day, a cup of coffee first thing just gives me that little lift. And I’m not worried about that!


So, I honestly don’t think you should be worrying about the latte factor. There are so many, bigger expenses in a budget that should be taken care of first. And if a coffee is your treat, then so be it!


What do you think? Do you agree? 


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