Another month and one in which I can write about earning an income online; how exciting is that?! The numbers are still small. But, it’s another income stream that I am trying to build, slowly but surely. If I can combine earning some money online, plus my day job, plus dividend income, it will slowly build up to various income streams that really do make a difference.


Long before I started this blog, I used to read income reports from other bloggers. How do they earn so much money online?! And, earning numbers far beyond what I earn at my full time job. Plus managing to do this all with a laptop and some determination. The fact that there are so many ways to earn a living online means that almost anyone can earn some money on the side, if they want to. I have made a couple of big decisions lately to do with the future at The Frugal Cottage, and I am in the process of writing something new. It is a bit daunting! I am hoping that with hard work and effort, it will work well in the long term, but it’s very much a step into the unknown for me! But, I’m cautiously optimistic at this stage. I will reveal all soon, promise 😉


Some of my favourite bloggers who share their income reports are:

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  • Smart Passive Income
  • Pinch of Yum
  • From Aldi to Harrods

Online Income Report September 2016


All of these bloggers post their monthly earnings, and some of them earn some amazing amounts every month! I can only hope to one day be posting an income number in the thousands, but we all have to start somewhere and I’m so pleased that I continue to make money (a small amount) online. Even if it continues at this pace, that would be good.


I’m going to continue to split how I use my earnings online; half will be saved into the Ultimate Dream Fund and half will be reinvested into this site. I want to make this a better site, so I’m going to have to invest some money into the growing of The Frugal Cottage. Someone has suggested getting a social media manager. This may help, even if it is just in the short term. I am struggling a bit to keep on top of things, so need to investigate this option a bit more I think. Investing in different things to help grow The Frugal Cottage is essential to it’s future success.


Anyway, this is what I earned in September:

Sponsored content – £100.00

Total: £100.00


So, not a vast amount but I am pleased with that. £100 a month stills adds up to £1,200 a year, after all! Little by little, it helps to bring some more money in. I am still looking to get some writing jobs; I keep looking at job boards and definitely need to start. I have also signed up to Profit Accumulator and have tried the free offers, but haven’t got any further than that so far.  If you want to sign up here, you can have a free bet which should net you between £45-£60 for free! I have set aside 30% of this income for tax and national insurance purposes, which means that what I can save is reduced, but that’s the law… :)


Of course, having this blog helps me earn money online. In fact, if I hadn’t started a blog, I would not be in the position I find myself now. If you fancy starting a blog of your own, I would recommend Bluehost. I have used them from the start and my hosting has been excellent. And, if you sign up through my link, you will be able to get hosting for only $5.95 which is cheap when converted into £s!


For October, I’m aiming to earn £200 in side income/online income. I am on track at this stage of the month, as I am getting better at pitching emails to clients! I also am continuing to declutter, so hopefully that will bring in some money too. Keep your fingers crossed!


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