Quite  a few of the searches that bring people to the Frugal Cottage are about food. Specifically, how to save money on food. And as food prices continue to rise, it’s going to become more and more of a problem.


So, I thought I’d do a round up of my favourite money saving tips which focus on food, including some of my favourite recipes that I have shared here at The Frugal Cottage!


General money saving food posts

Some of the posts I’ve written don’t fit into any particular category, so these are here 🙂


Stockpile tips

I’ve made no secret that I’m a fan of a stockpile 🙂 I genuinely believe that they can save money and drastically reduce food waste, if utilised properly.


Meal planning. 

Meal planning is something that I am a big advocate of. I think that knowing what you’re making during the week means less stress, less spending and less waste. You can’t make it much better than that! Here are some of my tips for meal planning, from where to start to how it benefits you.


Kitchen equipment

A well equipped kitchen will help you save money. Whether it’s time reduced in preparing and cooking your meals, to having all the essentials so that you can get cheaper meals from various items.



My favourite thing about being a foodie is trying out new recipes! Although I don’t have as much time to peer over cookery book as I used to, I think having some new dishes in your weekly menu plan can help you to not get bored with the same thing. Here are some recipes I’ve shared over the years:


So, there you have it! Lots of information to help you save money on your food shopping. Food spends are a necessity in any budget, but as food costs continue to rise, that budget is going to have to stretch. Hopefully here will be some things here that will help you.


Do you have any other tips to add for saving money on food? I’d love to hear from you!


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