As Christmas creeps ever close, as all the shops seem to remind us, I want to do an October money making challenge. I talk a lot about saving money on here, but not so much about making money. However, everyone likes to have more money!


So, I thought I would make October a money making month.


There is nothing complicated about this challenge; simply to make some extra money on the side during October. Whether that’s cold hard cash, vouchers or cash back from purchase, it all counts! In fact, the more ways to make money, the better. Remember about different income streams? Well, this is the money making streams section.


My reasons for the challenge:

  • I want to visit a friend who lives in London for the day, and train tickets are expensive.
  • I want to start buying for Christmas.
  • October seems like a good time as it is a quiet month
  • I can use some to buy some more food for my Christmas food bank donation.
  • Any extra can go in the Ultimate Dream Fund!


I really want to go and visit my friend for the day in London as I haven’t seen her in ages. But, tickets to London and back, even for the day, are really expensive. So, that’s one of the main reasons why I want to make this challenge of October money making!


I also said as one of my October aims, that I want to start planing for Christmas. It would be great if I could start to buy some presents, and this could help towards that. Although we don’t have a big budget for Christmas, I do like to get organised early so I can spread the cost out. As I’ve now dubbed October as the money making month, I’m hoping to get a start on our present pile.

October Money Making Challenge


If I have any spare, which I’m hoping to, I am going to buy some more items for my Christmas food bank donation pile. It is building slowly, and donations are trickling in, but I want to contribute a fair amount too. There are so many things that food banks need and cost little, so another motivation for money making in October.


Lastly, if there is any spare money after that, then of course it will go into our Ultimate Dream Fund! I should be aiming to save about £1,200 a month into this to be on track with our aims, and we are still falling short of that goal at the moment. If there is any spare at the end of this, then putting it into our fund seems like the best plan of action.


So, the amount I’m going to be aiming for during the October money making challenge is £200…..! That doesn’t seem too excessive, but will certainly be a test and I will need to get my thinking cap on. I still need to do the beginner offers on Profit Accumulator, which say you can make between £45-£60, so that would be a good start. I need to remember to use Topcashback or Quidco when making any purchases and I need to start hunting things out to sell on ebay!


Why don’t you join me? You can set your own target! I’d love to have some other people to motivate me along the way.


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